This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Big Cartel WordPress Plugin


Pulls info from your Big Cartel Account into Pages on your WordPress site.
The Plugin allows you to create a few of the Main Big Cartel pages easily.

This is a very early version and I encourage others to contribute with ideas and code!
There are a number of Basic TODOs, so if you’re interested, contact me Also feel free to donate!

Version: 0.010

DATE: 03-25-10


  • The options Page

  • The default Product Home Page

  • The default Product Page


  1. Upload to Plugins Directory (/wp-content/plugins/)

  2. Activate

  3. Go to Options page( Settings > „Big Cartel WordPress Plugin“ )

  4. Fill in the Details, Confirm its working below.

  5. Follow the instructions

  6. To Edit HTML Template files, go to [PLUGINDIRECTORY]/big_cartel_shop/templates. To change product list template(Home), edit „productList.tpl“. To change product detail template(Product Detail), edit „productDetail.tpl“

  7. Make sure jQuery is enabled by adding this like to your themes/YOURTHEME/header.php file: <?php wp_enqueue_script(„jquery“); ?>


What is BigCartel?
Big Cartel is ‘Big Cartel is a simple shopping cart for artists. It’s easy to use, customizable, and awesome.’ Find out more at
Can I pull Big Cartel Cart information into my WordPress pages?
No not yet. That’s something I’m working on. Care to help?
Does your plugin require LibCurl?
Why yes, it does. To be more specific, it uses LibCurl or file_get_contents to retreive XML data from the BigCartel servers
Can I help you improve the Plugin ?

I’d love that. There are a number of features & options I’m entertaining, so developers, testers and all-round guinea pigs are encouraged to contact me here: or here:


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Contributors & Developers

“Big Cartel WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




UPDATED 3-25-10
* Allow for Image types other than JPEG


New Functionality Added : Current Product
* new function bigcartl_getCurrentProduct – get the object of the product currently loaded – after filters etc
* new function bigcartl_getCurrentProducts – get the object of all the products currently loaded – after filters etc
* new functions bigcartl_previous_post_link & bigcartl_next_post_link:
//navigation for product page
if($post->post_title == bigcartl_getPageSlug(„product“)){ ?>
<div class=“navigation shopnavigation“>
<div class=“alignleft“><?php bigcartl_previous_post_link(‘« %link’) ?></div>
<div class=“alignright“><?php bigcartl_next_post_link(‘%link »’) ?></div>
<?php } */?>

  • new function bigcartl_getAFormattedLink – consolidates link generation


  • bigcartl_getFormattedProducts and bigcartl_getAFormattedProductDetail to use bigcartl_getAFormattedLink
  • XPATH. Started replacing XML Loops with XPATH

    UPDATED 2-15-10

  • Updated shortcode.php to accept argument classname. Will add a css class to the productList DIV and the productDetail DIV
    Usage: [bigcartl show=’home’ classname=’special’/]
    *Correspondingly Updated Templates/productDetail.tpl, templates/productList.tpl
    *Correspondingly Added global $displayClassname
    *Correspondingly Added bigcartl_setClassname


  • Begun to add Category functions: bigcartl_getCategoryUrl, bigcartl_getCategories, bigcartl_getCategoryByName, bigcartl_getCategoriesForProduct, bigcartl_ProductIsInCategory. Not fully implemented, as there are performance issues related to getting product category that need to work out
  • On Admin page added new option: Home/Store Page & Product page image size. Allows user to choose small, medium or large for display on each.
  • On Admin page added new option: Indicate own CSS file, or use the Form data
  • Added LightBox Gallery on Product Pages! (DISCLAIMER: This is working with my install of JQUERY but has not been tested across all! JQUERY confilcts are common in WP, but i tried to go about it the recommended way. Let Me Know. ) Need to make this optional.
  • Updated lightbox CSS
  • Fixed bug where wrong Plugin Versin was being displayed on Admin page

  • fixed the way bigcartl_getImageSizeSource and bigcartl_getProductDefaultImage work together

  • On Admin page added original Option in image sizes
  • allow user to filter items by category
    usage: bigcartl_setCategoryFilter(„shirt,pants“);
    also in shortcode:
    [bigcartl show=’home’ categories=’cats,dogs’/]
  • Updated productList.tpl to include a tile in the HREF
  • Added method: bigcartl_getCurrentProducts that:


  • Fixed order of FILE open functions to try from file_get_contents, curl to curl, file_get_contents

  • Added JQUERY/Gallery functionality on product page. To see, use more than one image per product and it will display a thumbnail for each and clicking on the thumb will bring up a gallery


  • Fixed issue where, if WordPress is not installed in Document Root, the link to products will break.


  • Added error new checking to Options page and improved existing.

  • Updated HTML/CSS formatting on Options page

  • Improved PHP class bigcartel.class.php to have handle errors better

  • Improved Templating by adding a Templating Class. This class could be updated to use better-known PHP template engines, if desired.

  • Changed use of name to permalink for link to product page


  • Updated paths in main file to avoid differing folder names upon installation

  • Moved default CSS into templates/bigcartel.css

  • Changed copy & Warnings on Options Page


  • Externalized much of the HTML to Template files in /wp-content/plugins/big_cartel_shop/templates. To change product list template, edit „productList.tpl“. To change product detail template, edit „productDetail.tpl“

  • Updated default CSS

  • Updated default HTML

  • Added to Options page ability to add your own Product Page and Homepage names. These are required

  • Added function to pull page URLS

  • Fixed bug where add to cart url was missing

  • Made image on Detail page the MEDIUM version

  • Commented out „get Cart“ functionality, as it is not yet working.

  • Added new screenshot


  • Added Css Field To Options. Updated Html.


  • Created.