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Contact List – Premium Staff List, Business Directory & Address Book with Frontend Email

Contact List – Premium Staff List, Business Directory & Address Book with Frontend Email


One-Stop Directory Solution! Quick searches, tailored filters, send email to contacts, CSV import & export, social media links & more.

The best directory plugin and staff list for WordPress

Looking for a simple yet comprehensive directory plugin for a WordPress website? If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place!

Contact List is a dedicated directory plugin to manage and create address books, company/business directories, yellow pages, and numerous other member directories right inside WordPress.

  • A simple method of listing contacts on a WordPress website
  • Email contacts immediately from the front-end form
  • Contact directories created by importing data from a CSV file or via a publicly accessible form
  • CSV import & export
  • Customize the contact card completely, either via settings or by creating a custom template

  • Contact List Plugin Demos

  • Documentation
  • Blog

7-day free trial available for the Pro version

Cases for Contact List Directory Plugin

Contact List simplifies the process of creating WordPress website directories of any kind. The possibilities of a directory building with Contact List are endless. You can build…

  • Address book
  • Business directory
  • Online directory
  • Member directory
  • Contact directory
  • Business listing
  • Yellow pages directory
  • List of any kind of contacts like companies or offices
  • Phone book
  • Faculty and Staff Directory
  • Medical Staff Directory
  • Church Directory
  • Directory of Doctors and Medical Staff
  • Employee Directory
  • Medical Personnel Directory
  • Team Members Directory
  • Staff listing
  • Chamber of commerce

… and even if you are not tech-geek, you can still build all of the above-mentioned directories with an ease, thanks to Contact List’s simplicity in design and function.

What are you waiting for? Join the thousands who have already begun their journey and start composing your own business directory! Give it a try and you’ll definitely love it.

Getting started

Contact List is a comprehensive directory plugin for building any kinds of directories a on WordPress website. Get the plugin downloaded first. The process is quite simple.

Start creating your WordPress contact directory page, with 2 steps:

  1. Add some contacts from WP admin > Contact List > All contacts.

  2. Insert one of these shortcodes to any page or post on your site.

    • [contact_list] (default contact list)
    • [contact_list_simple] (simple contact list)

That’s it! You’ve added contact list to your site! It is super simple, isn’t it?

Contact List plugin features

Fields for each contact

Contact List plugin is the best solution to comprise and build a WordPress website directory with ease. The ability to add new fields and remove certain existing ones is quite essential for a business directory plugin, and this is what Contact List offers.

If one wants to display information about employees other than the minimal minimum of first name, last name, and email, Contact List offers a lot of freedom. This directory plugin allows the the listing of any contact data including name, job title, contact info, social media links, and so forth. Fields can also come in handy for creating all-in-one address book. This is not all, there are more fields that can be added to the contact directory using the Contact List plugin.

  • First/last name
  • Photo
  • Job title
  • Contact info (e.g. email, phone)
  • Social media links (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook URLs)
  • Address (including country, state, and city in separate fields)
  • Category
  • Multiple custom fields

Front-end Contact Editor

Give access to certain user roles to submit, manage and edit contacts from the front end. Furthermore, with a single click of button request user roles or enlisted contacts to update their directory info.

Send emails

This directory plugin allows sending emails directly to contacts using a built-in form on the front end (featuring reCAPTCHA). This means that users and website visitors can contact enlisted directory members right inside the directory page without additional add-ons and efforts.

Most importantly, the plugin still keeps contact info confidential. The contact’s email address can be completely obscured, to prevent email spam, but still, email can be sent to the contact.

Furthermore, Contact List allows sending emails in bulk to all of the contacts or contacts in the specific group simultaneously.

Categorized contacts

Contact List supports easy and fast categorization and grouping directory contacts into small or big groups in order to facilitate the search process.

Contact Filters

The Contact List plugin allows to set comprehensive filters on the contact directory: such as filtering contacts by country, state, city, and category. Additionally, country and state dropdowns are generated automatically based on the directory contact data.

Alongside this, there can be more filters added to the directory based on the needs and preferences.

Contact submission forms

Contact List is a directory plugin that allows to built directory contact submission forms with various fields, insert them on your directory page and further expand your contact list.

Contact search

Easy search of contacts thanks to grouped and organized contact directory and numerous contact filters. Furthermore, facilitate contact search showing contacts in site search results, except for the contacts directory page.

Contact views

Contact List supports two directory views: a comprehensive list of all contact information and a simpler table view.

Directory layouts

Control how the WordPress website directory looks and function with ease. Set the number of users per page, the sorting criteria and order, and numerous other display options. As well as, choose among 4 different contact directory layouts suggested by the Contact List plugin.

CSV Import & Export

Get a user-friendly WordPress directory plugin that simplifies the migration process by allowing you import thousands of listings from a CSV file. Plus export the list with a CSV file, and keep it on computer in case of any trouble.


Contact List free offerings

  • Direct email to contacts from the front-end form
  • 2 directory views: a complete list of all contact data and a simpler table type view
  • Spam-prevention via obfuscated emails
  • Grouped and categorized contacts
  • Fast search targeting all contacts
  • Contact filters by country, state, city and category
  • Additional filters by simply renaaming default country and state filters
  • Automatic country and state dropdowns are created using contact information
  • 1 custom field
  • 4 ready-made directory layouts
  • Printable contact list

Contact List paid offerings

  • Allow user roles modify contacts and contact info using the front-end contact editor
  • Request contacts to update their existing contact info simply clicking a button
  • Numerous shortcodes and views for varied usage scenarios (simple list, 3 columns, etc.)
  • Single contact pages, such as /contact/firstname-lastname/, for each individual contact
  • Support for pagination
  • Display contact information in a lightbox
  • Include contacts in website search results
  • Show contacts in site search results
  • A contact database created via a publicly accessible contact submission form
  • 6 custom fields and WYSIWYG editor
  • Turn custom fields into filters
  • Bulk emails to all contacts or group of contacts
  • Excel import and export from/to CSV file
  • Change field titles and hide particular fields from the public form or admin area to customize fields in any way you like
  • Create any kind of business directory or address book

7-day free trial available for the Pro version

Additional resources

You can check more info about us on our website: https://www.contactlistpro.com/

For any support queries or feature requests regarding the free version, please contact us at the support forum.

Follow the Contact List blog to stay informed about the plugin and its advancements.

Contact List’s simplicity in design and function, the vast array of unique features, and versatility are the reasons more and more people are turning to this WordPress directory plugin as a business directory and contact list-building solution. It allows building various directories, including staff directory, employee directory, address book, or phonebook. Something that you will really need for neatly managing your contacts and for staying organized.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up to get the Contact List plugin and get a start building your own WordPress website business directory today!

How can I report security bugs?

Please see the first FAQ item below.


  • List of contacts on your site
  • Send message to a contact
  • List of contacts in 4 columns (more layout options available)
  • Simple list
  • Form for gathering the contact database (including more fields)
  • Contact management


  1. Activate the plugin from WordPress plugin directory or manually upload it to your site
  2. See the Help / Support page for further instructions


How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.

Can I use the plugin for a business directory?

Yes! Contact List is suitable for listing any kind of contact information. Basically you can use it for any kind of online directory.

Can I use it for listing company staff?

Yes! Contact List is the perfect WP staff list plugin for creating any kind of member directory.

Do you offer support?

Of course! We offer support in the forums here on WordPress.org and if you have a paid subscription we offer priority email support here.

Does Contact List work with some other plugin?

The plugin is widely tested with other plugins, but if there’s any kind of compatibility issue with some other plugin we will do our best to solve the issue.

Can the visitors add contacts?

That kind of contact form is a feature in the Pro version. Using that form you can collect contact data with a publicly available form from anyone who has access to the page that the form is on.

Can I use the plugin only as a contact manager in the WordPress admin area?

Yes, you can use it as a contact manager. You don’t necessarily have to add any publicly available list of contacts on your site, you can just use the admin tools to manage contacts.

Is this a business directory, staff directory, yellow pages directory or what?

You can use the Contact List plugin for any purpose that suits your needs. That could be yellow pages, business listing, member directory, staff list or pretty much anything you can think of. The basic idea is to present a user friendly list of contacts on your site. 🙂


23. April 2024. 1 reply
Had tried several plugins before stumbling over this one trying to do the same thing. Tried the free version and bought the plugin within 2 hours, things I’d been trying to do with other plugins were very simple with this one. Great support, provided some help with some custom CSS for an issue I was having. I offered up some future suggestions for improvements which the author seemed very open too so will look to see if they arrive. All in – Great plugin well worth the few $ for the license with some great features, works beautifully across desktop, tablet and phone.
21. April 2024. 1 reply
Useful and functional plugin and the support staff is very kind and professional
22. Januar 2024. 1 reply
Contact list is a very good plugin, easy to use and with excellent support. Anssi helped me set up new features, thank you very much.
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Contributors & Developers

“Contact List – Premium Staff List, Business Directory & Address Book with Frontend Email” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.9.95 – 2024-05-26

  • (All plans) It is now possible to import & export the chosen fields in any order (see plugins settings, Import & Export tab)
  • (All plans) New feature: export filtered contacts to a csv file from the frontend: [contact_list download_csv=1] (fields can be defined in the settings)
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.94 – 2024-05-19

  • (All plans) New setting for import & export: Separator for the CSV file
  • (All plans) New setting for custom fields: Allow unfiltered content
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.93 – 2024-05-09

  • (All plans) More settings to hide fields from the contact edit form (like specific custom fields): see plugin settings, Contact edit tab
  • (All plans) Appropriate field titles added to the export file
  • (Free + All plans) Accessibility improvements for the send message modal window
  • (Free + All plans) New settings for the send message modal window (plugin settings, Send message modal tab)

2.9.92 – 2024-04-26

  • (All plans) Fix: search results are no longer limited by the contacts per page setting, when filtering contacts using dropdowns
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: [name_prefix], [middle_name] and [name_suffix] are now correctly replaced in the send message modal, if used for contact card title
  • (Free + All plans) Layout fixes

2.9.91 – 2024-03-29

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.90 – 2024-03-29

  • (Free + All plans) Fixed an issue where simple list search results would get duplicated

2.9.89 – 2024-03-16

  • (All plans) New feature: send email to multiple recipients from the front end. When a parameter [contact_list_simple send_group_email=1] is used, the email addresses of the contacts in the search results are shown in a comma separated list and also a Send email button is shown, which opens an email client for sending a message to all those emails.
  • (Free + All plans) Fixed an issue where the additional information would be displayed twice in the simple list
  • (Free + All plans) Accessibility fix: the send message modal is now accessible with keyboard
  • (Free + All plans) New feature: the list of contacts at WP admin / Contact List can now be filtered by group

2.9.88 – 2024-03-07

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.87 – 2024-02-18

  • (All plans) New feature (beta): When a parameter ajax is used in the simple list shortcode, the input field search is done using an ajax query (can make the page load faster if the number of contacts is large), [contact_list ajax=1]
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.86 – 2024-02-04

  • (Free + All plans) Contact cards are now automatically expanded if content is longer than the set card height. Minimum card height can be set in the settings (Layout tab).
  • (Free + All plans) Layout fixes

2.9.85 – 2024-02-04

  • (Personal) Fix: Custom URLs show up now properly on simple list
  • (All plans) New setting / column for contact cards: Contact card contents, bottom column (100% width)

2.9.84 – 2024-02-03

  • (All plans) New setting for simple list: Exclude contacts belonging to only subgroups from group listings
  • (All plans) New field for contacts: Google Maps iframe code
  • (All plans) New setting: Map height in pixels (Layout tab)
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Hide Google Maps iframe code
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for simple list: Preserve table-like layout on mobile devices
  • (Free + All plans) Layout fixes
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.83 – 2024-01-20

  • (Professional + Business) Custom fields 7-20 added to import / export
  • (All plans) New settings for simple list: Show custom URL 1 and 2 + Custom URL 1 and 2 link text
  • (Free + All plans) The settings for search results texts are now valid for simple list also (10 contacts found etc.)
  • (Free + All plans) The setting „Back“-link title is now active in everywhere the link exists

2.9.82 – 2023-11-21

  • (Professional + Business) Added permalink edit for single contacts when the setting „Enable single contact page“ is active
  • (Professional + Business) Contact names in the simple list can now be linked to the single contact page (see plugin settings, Simple list tab)
  • (Professional + Business) You can now activate any number of custom fields (plugin settings, Custom fields tab)
  • (All plans) Group names in the simple list can now be linked to a list of members from that group (plugin settings, Simple list tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Tweaks and fixes

2.9.81 – 2023-10-31

  • (All plans) New shortcode to make the search require a button click, for input field search only: [contact_list hide_filters=1 disable_instant_search=1 search_button_text=“Search“]
  • (All plans) New shortcode to make the search require a button click, for search filters only: [contact_list hide_search=1 disable_instant_search=1 search_button_text=“Search“]
  • (Free + All plans) It is now possible to add different variations of the [contact_list] shortcode to the same page, and the search functions work correctly

2.9.80 – 2023-10-06

  • (All plans) Fix: Phone numbers and single custom fields are now properly formatted when using single field values in the contact card’s left and right column
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: Email address added back to the contact card

2.9.79 – 2023-10-05

  • (All plans) New fields for contacts: Custom URLs. You can now add an icon or any image in the settings and add a link to the contact card (same way the social media urls work). The same icon / image is shown for all contacts and the link is defined when editing the contact. Can be activated from the plugin settings, Custom URLs tab.
  • (All plans) It is now possible to add any single field value to the contact card’s left and right column (see plugin settings, Contact card tab)
  • (All plans) Import & export now supports images. The importable file should contain either the image id or filename (from media library, the image should be added to media library before the import).
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.78 – 2023-09-16

  • (Free + All plans) More settings to hide fields from the contact edit form, all fields are now covered (plugin settings, Hide / show form elements -tab -> Admin form elements)
  • (Free + All plans) New fields for contacts: Prefix, Middle name and Suffix (must be activated from the settings)
  • (Free + All plans) Twitter renamed to X and icon updated
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.77 – 2023-08-08

  • (All plans) Customize the contact card contents: see plugin settings / Contact card tab
  • (All plans) Customize the contact card PHP template: see wp-content/plugins/contact-list-pro/templates/contact-card.php
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for contact card: Left column width (%)
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.76 – 2023-08-06

  • (Professional + Business) New feature: Show a button on the contact card that opens a lightbox (can be used to show longer description / additional info)
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Show a button that opens the contact card lightbox (Contact card tab)
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Text for the button
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Hide additional information from default contact card, show only in lightbox
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: no more backslash before an apostrophe in email subject

2.9.75 – 2023-07-25

  • Compatibility for WP 6.3

2.9.74 – 2023-07-21

  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.73 – 2023-07-11

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.72 – 2023-07-05

  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.71 – 2023-06-18

  • (All plans) New setting for using reCAPTCHA: Method used for reCAPCHA check in PHP (file_get_contents() or cURL)
  • (All plans) New setting: Subject for messages sent from contact card (see plugin settings, reCAPTCHA and email tab)

2.9.70 – 2023-06-11

  • (Business) New setting for the daily import: Don’t import the first line of the CSV file
  • (All plans) New setting for contact import: Update contacts by email addresses instead of adding new contacts
  • (All plans) New setting for contact import: Don’t import the first line of the CSV file
  • (All plans) New setting for contact import: Delete ALL existing contacts before import
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Contact card title. Add any fields or other content to be the contact card title (see plugin settings, Contact card tab)

2.9.69 – 2023-05-06

  • (All plans) New parameter [contact_list hide_contacts_first=1]: Hide contacts first (contacts are shown when searched or any filter is selected)
  • (All plans) New parameter [contact_list hide_contacts_first=1 default_contact_id=12345]: Hide contacts first and show only a single default contact
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.68 – 2023-03-09

  • (Free + All plans) Fixed an issue where the phone column was not aligned correctly in simple list
  • (All plans) New parameter for search only shortcode: [contact_list_search group=GROUP_SLUG]
  • (All plans) New parameter to exclude groups from simple list: [contact_list_simple exclude_groups=“group-slug-1,group-slug-2,group-slug-3″]

2.9.67 – 2023-02-12

  • (Professional + Business) Fix: [contact_list group=GROUP_SLUG] now preserves the set group after changing filters
  • (All plans) Fix: [contact_list_simple group=GROUP_SLUG] now preserves the set group after changing filters
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Show titles above phone numbers on contact card (plugin settings, Layout tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor bug fixes

2.9.66 – 2023-02-06

  • (Business) New feature: set up a scheduled daily contact import (see plugin settings, Import & Export tab)

2.9.65 – 2022-12-30

  • (All plans) It is now possible to define the required fields for the form generated by shortcode [contact_list_form] (see plugin settings, Hide / show form elements tab)
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for simple list: Show call button in addition to the phone link
  • Some PHP actions added to enable better customization of the plugin. For more information see https://www.contactlistpro.com/docs/php-actions/.

2.9.64 – 2022-12-23

  • (Professional + Business) You can now define the fields shown in simple list for each shortcode separately like so: [contact_list_simple fields=“full_name phone city category“]
  • (All plans) Fixed the issue that appeared after the last update when using custom fields 2-6 in the simple list

2.9.63 – 2022-12-21

  • (All plans) You can now select any fields in any order to the simple list (see plugin settings, bottom of Simple list tab)
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for simple list: Show call button instead of phone number

2.9.62 – 2022-12-18

  • Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.61 – 2022-11-29

  • (Professional + Business) New tab in settings: Custom post type
  • (Professional + Business) Separate pages for single contacts, e.g. /contact/firstname-lastname/
  • (Professional + Business) Show contacts in site search results

2.9.60 – 2022-11-15

  • Freemius WordPress SDK update (2.5.2)

2.9.59 – 2022-11-06

  • WordPress 6.1 compatibility update

2.9.58 – 2022-10-16

  • (All plans) ZIP Code added to simple list (can be activated from the settings)
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

2.9.57 – 2022-09-05

  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.56 – 2022-05-15

  • (All plans) Phone 2 & 3 added to simple list (see plugin settings, Simple list tab)
  • (All plans) New shortcode parameter: Show contacts that belong to any of these groups (comma separated group slugs), [contact_list_groups groups__or=“group-slug-1,group-slug-2″]
  • (All plans) Fix: automatically generated custom field search filter titles are now correctly formed based on the actual custom field title
  • (All plans) Fix: The shortcode [contact_list_groups] is now correctly sorted by the setting ‘Sort contact list by’
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Contact image size (see plugin settings, Layout tab)

2.9.55 – 2022-05-04

  • Fixed an issue where all available states were not shown on the search filter using shortcode [contact_list]

2.9.54 – 2022-04-24

  • (Free + All plans) Fix: the improved version of the pagination works now correctly
  • (Professional + Business) Frontend contact edit optimized: faster page load time when logged in and using the parameter edit=1

2.9.53 – 2022-03-19

  • (All plans) New setting: It is now possible to sort the contacts by custom field values
  • (All plans) New parameter hide_group_title: [contact_list_groups group=“sample-group“ hide_group_title=1]
  • (Free + All plans) Improvement: If the contacts are sorted by other field than last name, the sortable field values can also be empty now
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: the debug info section opens normally now

2.9.52 – 2022-03-08

  • (Free + All plans) PHP error fix (happened during plugin activation if the plugin Shared Files is also installed)

2.9.51 – 2022-03-02

  • (All plans) New parameter to hide the breadcrumbs: [contact_list_groups hide_breadcrumbs=1]
  • (All plans) New parameter to exclude groups (from search filter and actual contacts): [contact_list exclude_groups=“group-slug-1,group-slug-2,group-slug-3″]
  • (All plans) Extra backslashes removed from subject when sending email using [contact_list_send_email]
  • (All plans) Reset button added to [contact_list_send_email]
  • (Free + All plans) Fixed a small jump of the contact list when changing the search filters for the first time
  • Some corrections to the French translations

2.9.50 – 2022-03-01

  • Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.49 – 2022-01-23

  • (Professional + Business) It is now possible to add new contacts from the front end, must be activated first from the plugin settings (Contact edit tab)
  • (All plans) Fields phone 2 and phone 3 added to the import & export tools
  • (All plans) Fix: phone 2 and phone 3 are now saved when editing the contact using the front end editor
  • (All plans) Fix: reply-to address is now correctly set when sending mail using shortcode [contact_list_send_email group=GROUP_SLUG]
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: The strong tag is no more missing from the contact card after searching or filtering contacts

2.9.48 – 2022-01-13

  • (Free + All plans) Fix: Category dropdown is now normally shown in the search form

2.9.47 – 2022-01-02

  • (Professional + Business): New setting: Send messages to groups as Bcc (reCAPTCHA and email tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.46 – 2021-11-07

  • (All plans) Back links replaced with breadcrumbs on [contact_list_groups]
  • (All plans) New setting: Title for home in breadcrumbs
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: mailto link on simple list is no longer too much obfuscated

2.9.45 – 2021-10-17

  • (All plans) New setting: Disable automatic linking of partial custom field content that look like urls
  • (Free + All plans) Contact card html markup fix

2.9.44 – 2021-09-14

  • (All plans) Fix: Email notify is now sent when adding new contacts using the shortcode [contact_list_form] and the setting „Automatically publish user submitted contacts“ is active
  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.43 – 2021-08-31

  • Bug fixes – 2021-08-23

  • Fix: Search filter on shortcode [contact_list group=GROUP_SLUG] now shows the subcategories / subgroups properly

2.9.42 – 2021-08-22

  • (Professional + Business) Front-end editor is now usable also after filtering contacts
  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode parameter: [contact_list group=GROUP_SLUG] (shows contacts in the defined group, and the group filter contains only that group and it’s subgroups)
  • (All plans) New setting (Search form tab): Search dropdown width defined based on contents (instead of fixed width)
  • (Free + All plans) Fixed an issue where field titles were occasionally displayed on the contact card when no value was defined
  • (Free + All plans) Printable list layout fixed
  • (Free + All plans) Missing translatable texts added
  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.41 – 2021-08-11

  • (Professional + Business) Individual custom fields can now be hidden from the contact card (you may still use those custom fields as search filters)
  • (All plans) Individual CSS classes added to phone numbers 1-3 on contact card
  • (Free + All plans) Social media icons replaced with high quality SVG versions
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: Custom field titles are now always hidden from the contact card if no custom field value is defined
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.40 – 2021-08-01

  • (Professional + Business) New feature: Front-end contact editor. Can be used with shortcodes [contact_list edit=1] and [contact_list_simple edit=1]. User roles must be first activated from the plugin settings (Contact edit tab).
  • (All plans) New setting: „Move zip code after state“
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.39 – 2021-07-31

  • (Professional + Business) New feature / setting: Open simple list contact details in a lightbox (Settings / Simple list)
  • (Professional + Business) New parameters for shortcodes – you can now filter contacts by all custom field values like so: [contact_list custom_field_1=“Management“], [contact_list_simple custom_field_2=“People“ custom_field_3=“Workers“], etc.
  • (All plans) Missing fields Phone 2 and Phone 3 added to [contact_list_form] (can be renamed and activated from the settings)
  • (All plans) Improved version of the pagination. The pagination now works with shortcodes on the front page, single post, archive pages etc. (can be activated from the settings, first tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.38 – 2021-07-03

  • (Pro) More fields added to the form used by features „request update“ and „permanent update URL“
  • (Pro) Label for button „Send message“ can now be renamed (Settings / Field titles and texts)
  • (Pro) Address line 1 added to simple list (Settings / Simple list)
  • (Free and Pro) Improved version of pagination
  • (Free and Pro) Various tweaks and fixes

2.9.37 – 2021-06-12

  • (Pro) Mail sent when „Request Update“ is clicked is now customizable (Settings / reCAPTCHA and email)
  • (Pro) Contacts created using the shortcode [contact_list_form] now receive (optionally) a message containing a „permanent update URL“ (Settings / reCAPTCHA and email)
  • (Pro) New setting: „Hide phone numbers from public card“
  • (Pro) Custom fields can now be used as search filters (Settings / Search form)
  • (Free and Pro) A new setting for all available custom fields: „Link text (only applicable if the custom field content is a URL)“ (Settings / Custom fields)
  • (Free and Pro) You can now choose any Font Awesome icon for the available custom fields (Settings / Custom fields)
  • (Free and Pro) Minor tweaks and fixes

2.9.36 – 2021-06-05

  • (Pro) reCAPTCHA errors are now logged to the mail log
  • (Pro) New setting: Disable logging for reCAPTCHA errors
  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

2.9.35 – 2021-06-01

  • Fixed custom field value markup in simple list
  • Category added to simple list columns (optional, and title can be changed from the settings)

2.9.34 – 2021-05-29

  • (Pro) New field: ZIP Code (can be renamed from the settings)
  • (Pro) City and ZIP Code added to Import & Export
  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

2.9.33 – 2021-05-23

  • (Free and Pro) New icons added to custom fields
  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

2.9.32 – 2021-04-12

  • Pro: New shortcode [contact_list_send_email group=GROUP_SLUG]. Can be used to send email to a group from the frontend.
  • Pro: Missing country, state and city added to shortcode [contact_list_form] (can be hidden from the settings)
  • Bug fixes

2.9.31 – 2021-03-17

  • (Pro) Fix regarding the shortcode [contact_list_groups groups__and=“groups-slug-1,group-slug-2″]: now only the contacts belonging to all of these groups are listed
  • (Pro) City added to simple list search
  • (Free and Pro) New setting (Layout-tab): „Show contact images when using 3 or 4 columns view“
  • Some minor bug fixes

2.9.30 – 2021-03-16

  • New setting: „Disable mail log“
  • New feature: Empty mail log
  • New parameter for [contact_list_groups]: You can now define many groups like so (comma separated group slugs): [contact_list_groups groups__and=“groups-slug-1,group-slug-2″] (the contacts must belong to all of these groups)
  • Fix: setting „Hide job title“ for simple list now works normally
  • Fix: search for simple list now searches all contacts instead of the ones visible on current page (when using pagination)
  • Fix: sender email address is now shown also in the email content
  • Fix for [contact_list_form]: Extra numbers removed after custom field titles

2.9.29 – 2021-02-16

  • (Pro): Support for pagination added to simple list
  • (Pro): New parameter for simple list: [contact_list_simple contacts_per_page=20] (20 can be any number)
  • Freemius WordPress SDK updated

2.9.28 – 2021-02-01

  • (Free and Pro): Support for alt text added to contact image and social media icons

2.9.27 – 2021-01-20

  • (Free and Pro) Affiliation program introduced. Also a new setting (Pro): „Hide affiliation link“
  • (Pro) Fix to the import tool: line endings in the CSV file are now detected in a more reliable way
  • (Pro) New setting for simple list: „Show titles for columns“
  • (Pro) New setting for simple list: „Show city“
  • (Pro) 2 new settings for sent emails: „Email footer text“ and „Remove email footer completely“

2.9.26 – 2021-01-14

  • Photo added to public contact form
  • CSS fixes

2.9.25 – 2021-01-02

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

2.9.24 – 2020-12-19

  • New field: City. Works together with country and state.
  • Pro: Fields country, state and city can now be renamed in the settings
  • You can now add multiple instances of [contact_list_groups group=GROUP_SLUG] and [contact_list_search] to the same page, and they all work as they should
  • Bug fixes

2.9.23 – 2020-12-05

  • New feature (Pro): Exclude contacts using parameter exclude=“123,456,789″ (for all shortcodes, comma separated list of contact id’s)
  • New feature (Free & Pro): Simple list added to printable list options
  • New parameter (Pro): group-parameter for simple list to show contacts from a specific group: [contact_list_simple group=GROUP_SLUG]
  • New parameter (Pro): card_height-parameter can now be defined for each shortcode like so: [contact_list card_height=200]
  • New option (Pro): Show send message -button for simple list
  • New feature (Pro): Category dropdown (search filter) now supports subcategories and shows the number of contacts (can be reverted back to the previous, simpler version from the settings)
  • New feature/option (Pro): Link country and state (on Layout-tab in the settings). Country and state (or whatever you are using them for) can now be linked, meaning that a country must be selected first, and then the available states for that country will be displayed in the state dropdown.

2.5.0 – 2019-12-04

  • New licensing model (separate free and paid version)

1.0.0 – 2018-07-13

  • Initial release