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Mini Course Generator | Embed mini-courses and interactive content

Mini Course Generator | Embed mini-courses and interactive content


After creating a mini-course on Mini Course Generator’s admin dashboard, you can use this plugin to embed it on your WordPress website easily in seconds.

✨ The only tool specialized for coaches, consultants, trainers, online course creators to create micro-learning journeys simply, and with the help of AI.

Embed your mini-courses on your landing pages with a simple, customizable, and easily accessible UI/UX structure. Bring the power of interactive content to your WordPress website to share your know-how, keep your audience engaged, improve your landing page activity, make quizzes and surveys, collect emails, and get payment. Have a fully functioning landing page with your mini-courses embedded in it.

This plugin is forever-free. Mini Course Generator has a forever-free plan, too. So, you can use a good portion of our services forever-free.

➡️ What is Mini Course Generator?

Mini Course Generator is the go-to tool for professionals who’d like to create online courses without dealing with the complex features of macro course builders. LMS tools are great, however they can be frustrating and time-consuming if all you need is to create and deliver without thinking too much. We are the only tool specialized for coaches, consultants, trainers, online course creators to create micro-learning journeys simply, and with the help of AI.

Our AI-Assistant makes content creation fast beyond imagination. See the video below for more information.

➡️ Who Can Use Mini Course Generator?

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Online course creators
  • Trainers
  • NGOs
  • Education Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Relations and After Sales Teams
  • Human Resources Executives

➡️ What Can You Use Mini Course Generator For?

You can use our tool if;

🎯 You want to create a lead magnet to collect emails from your audience.

Mini-courses offer great upfront value! You can position them to grab the attention of your leads on your websites, blog pages, and socials. Collect emails and grow your mailing list with lower unsubscribe rates. Use our sign-up wall right in the middle of a mini-course to collect emails and automate subscriptions to your newsletter with webhooks.

🎯 You are looking for ways to nurture your leads and convince them for bigger offers.

The biggest problem with email courses, eBooks, PDFs, or video links is they lack engagement and provide one-sided communication only. Besides that, the hesitancy to start is undeniable for the end user. Results? Emails are deleted before opening, eBooks are closed after the first page, and videos are watched for only a minute. Mini-courses are interactive, simple, and flexible. They are far better than eBooks.

🎯 You have a membership site.

You can enrich your membership site with us. Mini-courses are great for creating content easily and fast. Create micro-learning materials with our simple and flexible structure, and embed them on your private pages with this plugin.

🎯 You offer workshops & coaching/consulting programs.

With MCG, you can reinforce your programs with recaps & warmups. Create easy-to-digest, bite-sized series of easy-going tutorials for various educational purposes, like a follow-up to reinforce learning, preparatory activities, etc. Micro-learning dripping is the cure for shrinking attention spans. A mini-course takes so little time and effort to both create and consume. Kill the hesitancy to start something new, create quick wins, and give a sense of achievement in a short time. Keep people coming back to your website!

🎯 You are a content creator and want to repurpose your existing content.

Creating high-quality content needs significant time. Once you finalize, it is the best strategy to get the most out of it by repurposing. For instance, if you have created an engaging podcast, why not get its transcription and divide it into a series of mini-courses to embed on your WordPress website? Build mini-courses by repurposing social posts, youtube videos, or podcasts to gain new followers on for your website.

🎯 You are an executive coach and you’d like to start monetizing your content targeting individuals.

Experienced professionals working on B2B level can get frustrated with macro course builders even before getting started with B2C teaching. Mini-courses are the best option to dive into B2C market and get paid for your know-how with easy Stripe integration. Monetize your know-how through mini-courses and mini-course collections.

🎯 You run a community and conduct educational programs to build engagement.

Presenting a mini-course on a regular basis allows you to keep your audience engaged with your organization. This is the power of interactive content in micro-learning. Especially suitable for NGOs.

🎯 Part of your job is to educate customers and new employees.

As mini-courses are interactive and easy-to-follow, there is no better thing than a mini-course for onboarding programs. If you’re an after sales representative, or responsible for the education of new employees; you can create mini-courses. It is a more engaging and effective way to educate than booklets, manuals or eBooks, and also a more cost-effective tool than macro-cost builders to use for this purpose.

➡️ Features of Mini Course Generator

  • Easy embed with this plugin.
  • AI-Assistant for fast content creation.
  • Uploading countless images and videos.
  • Embedding media from any source including YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, etc.
  • Stripe integration to get payment.
  • Password protection, wholly or partially.
  • Collecting emails with signup wall.
  • Integrations with other tools via webhooks and workflows, including mailing platforms and Google Spreadsheets.
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your branding choices.
  • Customizing share links by adding custom domains.
  • SEO-friendly settings.
  • Analytics report for each mini-course to track end-user activity.
  • Creating collections of mini-courses. Please Note: Collections cannot be embedded with this plugin -yet- but they can be embedded on any website easily with .js codes.

➡️ Additional Benefits

Mini Course Generator is an online course creation tool at micro level. Yet, you can use its features for several other purposes such as:

  • A payment gateway with our Stripe integration. Apart from the commission cut of Stripe, we do not have an additional cut from what you earn with it.
  • A form tool. If you need to collect information from your clients, and do not want to invest in expensive form tools, you need to try MCG. You can have unlimited number of questions in a mini-course.
  • A quiz tool. You can have countless single/multiple correct answer quiz questions in a mini-course. After a mini-course, you can display scores and conditional messages based on score. This way you can build a stronger funnel with personalized and targeted communication.

➡️ How to use Mini Course Generator?

A mini-course is formed of content cards, added one after another. There are several content cards available at Mini Course Generator: info cards, quizzes, surveys, input cards, star ratings, gateways with emails, passwords, payment, and also several completion cards for personalized and targeted communication.

➡️ Create with super simplicity

Add various content cards one after another and form a mini-course in minutes!

You can also create collections of mini-courses to serve your content in a bundle.

Do not forget to customize the view according to your branding.

➡️ Embed and impress with super simplicity

Use this plugin to embed your mini-courses to your WordPress website. You can embed collections with .js tools as well.

➡️ How to use the plugin?

This plugin generates a shortcode of your mini-course for you, which you can use to embed with the shortcode element. Embedding with shortcode on Elementor is shown in the 4-min tutorial below.

After you install the plugin;

  1. Activate it.
  2. Click “settings” and login to your Mini Course Generator account.
  3. You will see your mini-courses as a list. Copy the shortcode of the one you’d like to embed.
  4. Go to your webpage, add “shortcode” element to the relevant place and paste the code you’ve copied earlier.

You’re done!


  • Engaging experience for your audience.
  • Click „Settings“ and then enter your Mini Course Generator account details.
  • Copy the code of mini-course that you want to embed.
  • Add a „short code“ element from the block types to the designated area on your webpage that you want to show mini-course.
  • Paste the mini-course code to the „short code“ element.
  • Super simplicity
  • Improve landings pages with embedded mini-courses.


You need to have a Mini Course Generator account to utilize this plug-in.

  1. Click „Settings“ and then enter your Mini Course Generator account details.
  2. Copy the code of mini-course that you want to embed.
  3. Add a „short code“ element from the block types to the designated area on your webpage that you want to show mini-course.
    4- Paste the mini-course code to the „short code“ element.


Can I use the plugin without having a MCG account?

No, you need to have a MCG account first, so that you can create your mini-courses on your account. You can later use this plugin to embed these mini-courses to your WordPress website.

Is it free to use Mini Course Generator?

This plugin is totally free. For the content creation side, we have a forever-free plan on MCG, too, where you can create mini-courses for free. However, features like Stripe integration, webhooks and custom domains are included in paid plans. Learn more from here.

Do the end users need to have a MCG account to view my mini-courses?

No, there is no login barrier for the end users. They can view and directly interact with your mini-courses without the necessity of opening an account. Yet, you can gate access to your content partially or wholly with a password wall, sign-up wall, or a Stripe paywall.

I signed-up with Google, so I don’t have password. How can I login?

You can create a password on your MCG dashboard and use that password to login to the plugin.


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