Paystation WooCommerce Payment Gateway


Accept credit card payments with Paystation

With our secure hosted payment pages you can take payments via multiple card types

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Q Card
  • POLi
  • MasterPass
  • UnionPay


  • An account with Paystation.
  • An HMAC key for your Paystation account, contact our support team via email if you do not already have this.


  1. From the WooCommerce menu on the admin menu, select the ‘Settings’ link.
  2. Select ‘Payments’ tab from the top menu bar.
  3. Scroll down to the Paystation payment method and click ‘Manage’ for using Paystation Payment Gateway’.
  4. Click ‘Enable Paystation Payment Module’ checkbox to turn on plugin.
  5. Enter Paystation Id as provided by Paystation.
  6. Enter Gateway Id as provided by Paystation.
  7. Enter HMAC key as provided by Paystation.
  8. Select the ‘Enable test mode’ box if required.
  9. Click ‘Save changes’ button.
  10. Email our support team via email if you have any issues with the details: Your Paystation ID, Gateway ID, confirming that you are using the Paystation WooCommerce plugin, the website link.

Testing Payments

  1. Ensure your Paystation settings have ‘Enable test mode’ selected.
  2. Make sure that you have at least one product added to your store.
  3. Set up a product with any amount to check successful or unsuccessful transaction testing respectively.
  4. Add product to cart and proceed to the checkout screen.
  5. Select Paystation credit card payments as payment method and continue.
  6. Fill the test card details of hosted payment form with one of our VISA or Mastercard test cards
  7. Upon successful transaction orders will be shown at your website backend store.

Taking Live Credit Payments

Once the site is working as expected you will need to fill in the Go live form so that Paystation can test and set your account into Production Mode.

Your account will be confirmed by Paystation when it’s live, and after that you need to go back to the Woocommerce checkout settings, and uncheck the ‘Enable test mode’ box in the Paystation method settings.

Congratulations – you’re now setup to take credit card Payments!


What is Paystation (3 party hosted)?

Paystation (3 party hosted) is a Credit Card payment gateway. Paystation is one of New Zealand’s leading online payments solution providers.

Where do I find the Paystation transaction number?

Successful transaction details including the Paystation transaction number are shown at the top of the screen when you view the details of a Woocommerce order in WordPress admin.
Details of the payment also appear in the Paystation Admin website, which you as Paystation customer have access to.

Where can I find dummy Credit Card details for testing purposes?

Visit the Test Card Number page


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Contributors & Developers

“Paystation WooCommerce Payment Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.2.4 [2024-06-17]

  • Tested the plugin with WordPress version 6.5.3
  • Tested the plugin with Woocommerce version 8.8.3

1.2.3 [2022-11-01]

  • Update supported WordPress version

1.2.2 [2022-10-25]

  • Fixed typecasting of error code for postback

1.2.1 [2022-06-03]

  • Improved error logging

1.2 [2022-06-03]

  • Update supported WordPress version
  • Fixed error on successful refund
  • Added: Order notes on failed refund containing error details with error code

1.1.7 [2022-11-04]

  • Change to fixed width logo

1.1.6 [2021-16-06]

  • Support for Sequential order numbers

1.1.5 [2021-30-04]

  • Update supported WordPress version

1.1.4 [2020-01-07]

  • Fixed image asset path

1.1.3 [2019-11-12]

  • Fixed image directory path not loading logo

1.1.2 [2018-24-04]

  • Fixed image directory path not loading logo

1.1.1 [2018-22-02]

  • Fixed paystation logo image on the checkout page
  • Fixed ‘Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce’ message

1.1.0 [2018-01-02]

  • Added multi currency support
  • Fixed merchant reference on refunds

1.0.0 [2017-29-11]

  • Original Version.