Sky Addons for Elementor (Free Templates Library, Live Copy, Animations, Post Grid, Post Carousel, Particles, Sliders, Chart, Blogs)


Sky Addons offers a wide range of extensions and widgets. We provide all the tools you need to make your website more advanced and engaging. With features like card, advanced accordion, advanced slider, advanced skill bars, dual button, image compare, info box, list group, logo grid, team member, floating effects and many more, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Install it today to create a better web!

Creativity of Sky Addons

The team at Sky Addons has been working to bring you the best possible Elementor Addons. We’re committed to delivering professional-grade and beautifully designed Elementor Addons that’ll make your life so much easier and help you save time and money. With one-click installs, you can create beautiful, mobile-ready sites in minutes with no hassle.

Premium Quality Elementor Widgets and Extensions Free For Forever

  1. Advanced Accordion – Advanced Accordion is the best and powerful Widget for Elementor that creates an impressive accordion effect for your articles. It makes the accordion easy to customize. You can customize your Accordion with title, icon, menu, content, button color.

  2. Advanced Skills Bar – Advanced Skills Bar elementor widget to create the skill bars that shows complete information about your WordPress site. Use it do create beautiful skill bars that show the most important information about the site or you.

  3. Advanced Slider – Advanced Slider is a powerful slider widget that combines all the power of Elementor with the flexibility of a traditional slider. It has all the right options to create an eye-catching slider that your visitors will remember.

  4. Content Switcher – This is the best solution for those who want to show 2 different content with Elementor Page Builder. Get the Content Switcher, a better way to show two different content at the same time, with an easy-to-use interface and a clean interface for switching your content.

  5. Card – Elementor Card is a simple but powerful block to showcase a single piece of information in a clean and elegant way. It comes with a large number of settings that allow you to customize it for your needs. Elementor card widget is the perfect tool to showcase your products, creative posts and news.

  6. Dual Button – The dual button widget is an elementor widget that has two custom buttons. Clicking on one of the buttons will trigger a custom action you have assigned to it. It has a lot of creative features to improve your website’s design.

  7. Glory Video Slider – A creative video slider for Elementor users. Compatible with social media videos. Supports many platforms. Say good-bye to old, un-secure sliders. Glory Slider is a fresh, innovative, secure and modern way of displaying video content in a website. It’s the easiest way to present your video content in an engaging way on the web today.

  8. Image Compare – Image Compare is a great way to demo the differences between two images. It’s built with Elementor, so it has a ton of settings and can be used for a lot more than just image comparison. It makes it possible to see the difference between any two images or photos with a simple click.

  9. Info Box – The InfoBox Widget is a powerful tool to show additional information about any item you add to the page. It can be used in many different ways and it will suit any kind of website. Info Box Widget is a powerful, highly configurable and easy to use widget

  10. List Group – The List Group widget allows you to create a beautiful hierarchical list of items. Each item in the List group is a separate paragraph element. It has all the right options to create an eye-catching slider that your visitors will remember.

  11. Logo Carousel – Create a beautiful carousel for website! With Logo Carousel widget, you can create a beautiful customized widget for your website. With our tool, you can import many logos and preview how it would look like on the website with the help of our Preview window.

  12. Logo Grid – Sky Addons Logo Grid Widget is the best elementor widget for logo showcase. This widget has a clean design, many configurable options, and works with any WordPress theme. This widget also has the Tooltip feature to make it proficient looks.

  13. Momentum Slider – Momentum Slider Widget is a beautiful, versatile and elegant way of showcasing your content. It enables the user to navigate the slides in an intuitive manner while providing a memorable experience.

  14. Number – A widget that displays numbers in a more interesting way. You can use it to display counters, prices or any other numerical value. It has the features that can be used to quickly create animations that display numerical data in a more interesting way.

  15. Panel Slider – With Panel Slider, you can create a variety of slider types and animations without any additional plugins. Use it to create a slideshow, carousel, or any other kind of slider with custom animations. It’s the perfect solution for bloggers and business owners who want their site to look professional, but don’t want to go through the hassle of coding.

  16. PDF Viewer – PDF Viewer Widget is a lightweight widget that enables viewing of PDF-documents in your WordPress site. This widget allows you to add a View PDF button to your Elementor page builder. View PDF is a plugin that allows you to add a View PDF button anywhere on your site.

  17. Portion Effect – Create amazing image grid layouts with the help of Elementor. You can create grids based on any size, including small thumbnails, medium images or large images. This widget also has the feature to make your images fancy & imaginative looks.

  18. Reading Progress – It is a small widget that presents your users with a progress bar that indicates how much of the content has been read. It’s small, unobtrusive and looks great with any design. More than 5 kinds of Reading Progress Style in a single widget for you.

  19. Review – The review widget is for the Elementor page builder. It allows you to easily display client reviews, testimonials or customer feedback on your website pages. This widget will bring more value to your products or websites.

  20. Social Icons – Social Icons is a free widget for Elementor that allows you to add social media icons in the header, footer and any other widget area of your site. This widget also has the feature to make your images fancy & imaginative looks.

  21. Slinky Menu – Vertical Menu Elementor is a widget for Elementor. Once installed, it will transform your standard horizontal menu into a vertical menu that best suits your needs.

  22. Step Flow – Sky Addons Step Flow Widget is a widget that allows users to design steps and flows using drag and drops. It has plenty of options and easy to use interface. It’s a very creative widget to display steps of your services or anything else.

  23. Table Of Contents – Table Of Contents is a useful widget for your blog. It lets you easily create navigation to different sections of your post, complete with the ability to assign different colours to each section. This widget is designed to help you create a new page with a beautiful and clear table of contents that automatically updates as you publish content on your site. So, no more lost articles in your site.

  24. Team Member – Team Member is an easy to setup widget that allows you to display your team members on your website using widgets. It adds a widget that shows all the team members of a website using their social media accounts and contact information. This widget has limitless features and designs for you.

  25. Testimonial – The testimonial widget for Elementor is a widget that enables you to place testimonials on your website. It comes with a beautiful design that allows you to display testimonials in a way that’s both eye-catching and professional.

  26. Tidy List – Elegant and modern List Widget. It has lots of customization options to make it work exactly how you need it to. This elementor modern list Widget will help you create beautiful lists easily. You can build any layout that you want using this elementor modern list Widget.

Widgets for Bloggers Free For Forever

  1. Post List – Post List is a creative widget that makes it easy to keep your blog up to date! Search for posts using the custom query feature to find what you’re looking for, then add them back into your blog with one click. The widget also includes a timer and stats tracker, so you know how long it’s been since you last posted.

  2. Fellow Slider – With Fellow Slider, blogging is easier than ever. Say goodbye to post-writing stress with a single click. In just a few seconds, you can update any blog content with the latest information. Never worry about keeping your blog post up to date again. It uses Elementor to save loads of time, and it’s totally free! Get started today!

  3. Mate Slider – Mate Slider for Blog is a powerful and lightweight slider widget for Elementor. It can be used to create engaging and dynamic content for WordPress blogs with no coding knowledge. It supports also YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Self Hosted and many more videos.

  4. Mate List – Have you ever wanted to write a blog post but then your thoughts changed? That’s why we created Mate List. Mate List lets you save your thoughts and ideas, so that when you have time, all you have to do is use our simple interface to create blog posts. It’s the perfect solution for bloggers who want to keep their blog post updated.

  5. Mate Carousel – Mate Carousel is the ultimate solution for regular updates. Just use your existing blog post, add the Mate widget, and set your update interval. You’ll never miss a post again! Mate Carousel is the perfect solution for bloggers who want to keep their blog posts updated. It works great with Elementor and it’s so easy to use!

  6. Sapling Grid – If you’re a blogger, content creator, or just like to have a fresh blog design every now and then, Sapling Grid will become your best friend. It’s super easy to use and has a ton of features that make it the most popular grid plugin on the market. Sapling is a plugin that makes it easier and more beautiful to arrange elements on your wordpress blog page.

  7. Sapling Carousel – We have the perfect solution for bloggers who are tired of constantly updating their blog post grid. With Sapling Carousel, you can insert a new post in just a few seconds and have it automatically start from the top, saving you time and energy. It’s so easy to use with Elementor too!

  8. Luster Grid – Stop wasting so much time updating your blog posts! Luster Grid is the perfect solution for bloggers. You can update your post in just seconds. No need to leave your WordPress dashboard and you can use it with Elementor too! Stop wasting so much time updating your blog posts! Luster Grid is the perfect solution for bloggers.

  9. Luster Carousel – Luster Carousel is a beautiful solution for bloggers who want to keep their blog post updated without the hassle. It’s so simple to use and works great with Elementor! It’s beautiful, simple to use, and integrates with Elementor.

  10. Naive List – Naive List is a generic and completely customizable Elementor widget for bloggers. It’s the perfect solution for content creators who want to keep their blog post updated with any changes. It’s the perfect solution for bloggers who want to keep their blog posts up to date with the latest trends.

  11. Naive Carousel – Naive Carousel is a widget that helps you maintain your blog content in a single page. It makes the rewriting process easy and saves your time. You can create your own carousel without ever having to leave the post editor. You can customize it as per your requirement, or use the defaults.

  12. Ultra Grid – It’s the perfect solution for bloggers who want to keep their blog posts up to date with the latest trends. So simple and so effective, it’s the perfect way for you and your blog to be on the high stage! With Ultra Grid, your website will always be updated and look fresh! With infinite design possibilities, there’s no limit to what you can create.

  13. Ultra Carousel – Ultra Carousel is a generic and completely customizable Elementor widget for bloggers. It’s the perfect solution for content creators who want to keep their blog post updated with any changes. It’s the perfect choice for any blogger who’s looking to save both time and money!

  14. Generic Grid – Generic Grid is a super simple website builder that works with the world’s best page builder, Elementor. With unique, beautiful styles, you’ll be able to transform any blog into an updated, professional-looking website in just a few minutes.

  15. Generic Carousel – It’s so simple to use and works great with Elementor! It has many creative designs to make your website on the high stage. Try our easy-to-use and attractive carousel plugin for Elementor that helps you present your latest, favorite, and future content.

Premium Quality Elementor Extensions Free For Forever

  1. Animated Gradient Background – The best way to give your web page a trending look with this Animated Gradient Background extensions for Elementor. It has latest design idea with creative features. These amazing backgrounds features provide you with the ultimate flexibility to design your website in a way that is best for you.

  2. Backdrop Filter – With just a few clicks, you can add professional glass effects to your website, perfect for any business. It’s time to change the game with Backdrop Filter. With these digital image filters, you can create affordable, beautiful, and mind-blowing websites in minutes!

  3. Custom Clip-Path – CustomClipPath extensions makes it easy to cut out the parts of an image you want to make transparent. Our editor will automatically adjust the color, contrast, and brightness of your image to make it perfect! Save time and have more fun with CustomClipPath’s clip-path service.

  4. Equal Height – The Equal Height Elementor extension is a powerful and complete layout maker. With this extension, you can easily create page layouts with an advanced control system. Page designs are automatically generated with the same height for all elements with just a few clicks.

  5. Floating Effects – Floating effects that add stunning visual and animation elements to your website. This means that you can create amazing effects that will amaze your users, without spending countless hours coding.

  6. Reveal Effects – Reveal Effects is a set of animation and …


  • Video Gallery Widget
  • Video Gallery Widget
  • Video Gallery Widget
  • Team Member Widget
  • Team Member Widget
  • Advanced Tooltip Extensions
  • Particle Effects Extensions
  • Portion Effects Widget
  • Logo Grid Widget
  • List Group Widget
  • Pricing Table Widget
  • Glory Slider Widget
  • Testimonial Carousel Widget
  • Advanced Skills Bar Widget
  • Breadcrumbs Widget
  • Momentum Slider Widget
  • Particles Effects Widget
  • Flow Slider Widget
  • Pace Slider Widget
  • Image Compare Widget


There are a few installation & set-up options for this plugin.

Upload Manually

Step 1: Download and unzip the plugin.
Step 2: Upload the ‘’ folder into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
Step 3: Go to the Plugins admin page and active the plugin.

Install Via Admin Area

Step 1: Go to the Plugins area of your admin > Click over Add New then search „Sky Addons“
Step 2: Click Install Now and then activate.

Subscribe For Pro

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What is the Sky Addons for Elementor plugin?

Sky Addons for Elementor is a plugin for Elementor that lets you add new blocks, widgets, and overrides.

How does the Sky Addons for Elementor plugin impact page loading speed?

The Sky Addons for Elementor plugin will never slow page loading speed. This is very light-weight, faster and highly secured plugin.

What is the documentation of this plugin?

This plugin is documented on this link –

How do I get support for this plugin?

You can ask any questions on the support forum of WordPress. We have a support team and they will help you to solve your issues as soon as possible. Or you can contact us here –


17. Mart 2024. 1 reply
I have been using various plugins that are very similar to each other and I can say that the Sky Addons ones are good, polished and some of the ones provided are unique. The team is always friendly and helpful and when I had to reach for support they helped and provided valid solutions. Support is 1st thing I look for when I buy something; for this reason, I decided to support them by buying their PRO plan!
2. Juli 2022. 1 reply
Sky Addons is a plugin that allows you to add beautiful widgets to your WordPress site. The widgets are fully customizable and come with a variety of options. The customer service is top notch and the plugin is very easy to use. I highly recommend Sky Addons to anyone looking for an easy way to design their WordPress site.
6. Juni 2022. 1 reply
As a photographer and a newbie to elementor, I find elementor coupled with techyfyd skyaddons very easy to use. Sky addons comes with all functionality needed to build a wonder photography website. Sky addons is the ultimate element needed for elementor. keep up the good works techyfyd
6. Juni 2022. 1 reply
A brother recommended this, Mykeoventure, and i have used the free version and it is awesome. Now I am convinced, I am purchasing the premium Version. Keep it up techyfyd
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Contributors & Developers

“Sky Addons for Elementor (Free Templates Library, Live Copy, Animations, Post Grid, Post Carousel, Particles, Sliders, Chart, Blogs)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.5.1 [9th April 2024]

  • Updated: System Improved

2.5.0 [8th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Security issue fixed

2.4.0 [30th January 2024]

  • Fixed: Design issue fixed in Mate Slider (Thanks to adqa)
  • Updated: Swiper Library upgrade.

2.3.3 [26th December 2023]

  • Updated: System Improved

2.3.2 [15th November 2023]

  • Updated: System Improved

2.3.1 [25th September 2023]

  • Fixed: Critical error fixed (Thanks to Mohammad)

2.3.0 [24th September 2023]

  • Added: Audio Player widget added
  • Added: Changelog widget added

2.1.5 [29th August 2023]

  • Added: Link on feature added in Panel Slider widget
  • Added: Title Hover Color feature added in Panel Slider widget

2.1.4 [12th August 2023]

  • Added: WordPress 6.3 Compatibility added
  • Updated: System Improved

2.1.3 [26th July 2023]

  • Updated: System Improved

2.1.2 [25th June 2023]

  • Updated: System Improved

2.1.1 [10th June 2023]

  • Fixed: Inline/SVG Icon issue fixed in Card, Info Box, Advanced Slider, Panel Slider, PDF Viewer widget

2.1.0 [26th May 2023]

  • Added: Animated Heading widget added

2.0.9 [13th May 2023]

  • Fixed: BackdropFilter fixed for Container Layout
  • Fixed: Trigger Icon Size issue fixed in Advanced Accordion widget
  • Fixed: Target issue fixed in Tidy List & List Group widget
  • Fixed: Close Icon (SVG) fixed in Advanced Accordion widget

2.0.8 [1st April 2023]

  • Added: WordPress 6.2 Compatibility added
  • Added: Elementor 3.12.0 Compatibility added

2.0.7 [18th February 2023]

  • Updated: Readme File Updated

2.0.6 [18th February 2023]

  • Fixed: Slider & Carousel Layout Broken Issue Fixed (Thanks to chenfeng)
  • Updated: System Improved for Slider & Carousel

2.0.5 [05th February 2023]

  • Added: Thumbnail option added in Advanced Slider
  • Updated: System Improved for Better Performance

2.0.4 [10th January 2023]

  • Fixed: Deprecation issue fixed

2.0.3 [25th December 2022]

  • Added: Sub Title added in Advanced Slider Widget
  • Updated: Navigation & Pagination Style updated in Advanced Slider Widget
  • Updated: Number Widget Updated

2.0.2 [10th December 2022]

  • Updated: Navigation & Pagination updated in Stellar Slider Widget

2.0.1 [23th November 2022]

  • Added: Stellar Slider Widget Added
  • Updated: All Section Extensions available now for Container also.

2.0.0 [1st November 2022]

  • Added: Templates Library Added
  • Added: Slinky Menu (Vertical) Widget Added
  • Added: Reveal Effects Extensions Added

1.5.0 [24th September 2022]

  • Added: Mate List Widget Added
  • Added: Mate Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Sapling Grid Widget Added
  • Added: Sapling Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Luster Grid Widget Added
  • Added: Luster Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Naive List Widget Added
  • Added: Naive Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Ultra Grid Widget Added
  • Added: Ultra Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Generic Grid Widget Added
  • Added: Generic Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Video Feature added in Mate Slider, Post List Widgets
  • Fixed: Design Breaks issue fixed in Pagination

1.0.11 [31th August 2022]

  • Added: Fellow Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Mate Slider Widget Added

1.0.10 [8th August 2022]

  • Added: Panel Slider Widget added
  • Added: Post List Widget added
  • Added: Backdrop Filter Extensions added
  • Added: Custom Clip-Path Extensions added in Image Widget
  • Added: Light-box feature added in Logo Carousel Widget
  • Fixed: Alignment Issue fixed in Testimonial Widget (Thanks to Said Hasyim)

1.0.9 [13th June 2022]

  • Added: Ripples Effect Extensions added
  • Added: Table of Contents Widget added
  • Fixed: RTL issue fixed in Content Switcher Widget (Thanks to Zakaria Zahidi)

1.0.8 [17th May 2022]

  • Added: Animated Gradient Background Extensions added

1.0.7 [9th April 2022]

  • Added: Glory Video Slider added
  • Added: Title Icon added in Accordion Widget
  • Updated: All Carousel Widgets Optimized

1.0.6 [18th March 2022]

  • Added: Widgets Analytics added in Dashboard
  • Updated: Performance Improved

1.0.5 [2nd March 2022]

  • Added: PDF Viewer Widget added
  • Added: Content Switcher Widget added

1.0.4 [1st Feb 2022]

  • Added: Logo Carousel Widget added
  • Added: Equal Height Extensions added

1.0.2 [19th Jan 2022]

  • Fixed: RTL issue fixed

1.0.1 [18th Jan 2022]

  • Fixed: Notice design broken issue fixed
  • Updated: UI design improved

1.0.0 [06th Jan 2022]

  • Initial Release