WooPayments: Integrated WooCommerce Payments


Payments made simple, with no monthly fees – designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores.

Securely accept major credit and debit cards, and allow customers to pay you directly without leaving your WooCommerce store. View and manage transactions from one convenient place – your WordPress dashboard.

See payments, track cash flow into your bank account, manage refunds, and stay on top of disputes without the hassle of having to log into a separate payment processor.

Manage transactions from the comfort of your store

Features previously only available on your payment provider’s website are now part of your store’s integrated payments dashboard. This enables you to:

Pay as you go

WooPayments is free to install, with no setup fees or monthly fees. Pay-as-you-go fees start at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for U.S.-issued cards. Read more about transaction fees.

Supported by the WooCommerce team

Our global support team is available to answer questions you may have about WooPayments installation, setup, or use. For assistance, open a ticket on woocommerce.com.

Getting Started


  • WordPress 6.0 or newer.
  • WooCommerce 7.6 or newer.
  • PHP 7.3 or newer is recommended.

Try it now

To try WooPayments (previously WooCommerce Payments) on your store, simply install it and follow the prompts. Please see our Startup Guide for a full walkthrough of the process.

WooPayments has experimental support for the Checkout block from WooCommerce Blocks. Please check the FAQ section for more information.


  • View Transactions
  • View Transaction Details
  • Track Deposits
  • Manage Disputes


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Multi Currency Switcher


Install and activate the WooCommerce and WooPayments plugins, if you haven’t already done so, then go to „Payments“ in the WordPress admin menu and follow the instructions there.


What countries and currencies are supported?

If you are an individual or business based in one of these countries, you can sign-up with WooPayments. After completing sign up, you can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

We are actively planning to expand into additional countries based on your interest. Let us know where you would like to see WooPayments launch next.

Why is a WordPress.com account and connection required?

WooPayments uses the WordPress.com connection to authenticate each request, connecting your store with our payments partner.

How do I set up a store for a client?

If you are a developer or agency setting up a site for a client, please see this page of our documentation for some tips on how to install WooPayments on client sites.

How is WooPayments related to Stripe?

WooPayments is built in partnership with Stripe Stripe. When you sign up for WooPayments, your personal and business information is verified with Stripe and stored in an account connected to the WooPayments service. This account is then used in the background for managing your business account information and activity via WooPayments. Learn more.

Are there Terms of Service and data usage policies?

You can read our Terms of Service and other policies here.

How does the Checkout block work?

You need the WooCommerce Blocks plugin to be installed and active to use the Checkout block. Once you add the block to a page, WooPayments will automatically appear as an option.

Please note that our support for the checkout block is still experimental and the following features of the gateway will probably not work:

  • Using saved cards and saving cards.
  • Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions.


13. Juli 2024.
I had an amazing experience with WooPayments customer support. They are always here to help and even scheduled a call with me to discuss more ways to scale my business. The service of WooPayments is also very beneficial, with transactions passing smoothly and securely. Everything has been on point so far.
8. Juli 2024.
I moved to woocommerce payments and use woopayments which sits on top of stripe express. My main reason was for the Apple and Google pay support which worked out of the box. Also, the fees are lower than using a service like Paypal. The transitions was a bit scary at first as there is little information to be gotten from stripe express. You have to give all your bank info and contact info to get started. You have to take payments for about 7 days before the transactions started going to my account which for a busy store can be a load of money. The support is all via email through woocommerce. I had issues with the Apple pay about 2months in. It stopped working for my customers and I had to disable it. I actually got decent support for woocommerce over about a month which ended up fixing the issue which was related to a Bluehost plugin. Since then it has been smooth. My transactions move smoothly every 2 days to my account, and refunds have been handled easily which happens a couple times a month on a busy store. The transactions are all logged right in your store which is nice, but I would have thought you would get more information from stripe. One improvement would be if the tax collected on the transaction was in the transaction log, which would make my book keeping a lot easier. The only reason for the 4 stars was the initial transition time delay and the issue with Apple Pay. Thanks to the woocommerce team for this plugin!
3. Juli 2024.
I’ve been using Woopayments for almost a year now. I’ve had no problems using it. Setup is easy, payments are coming through without a problem. Emailed the support team once with a question and got the info I needed really quickly. Friendly follow ups too. Would definitely recommend.
20. Juni 2024. 1 reply
Hi, I like many people, would like to build an ecommerce store using Woocommerce. So I installed Woocommerce. This app then suggested me to install Woopayments. Even though my website is a brand new store i reluctantly installed woopayments. In less than 24 hours and without selling a single product my account is permantelt suspended. This is the message you get from Woopayments with no opportunity to ask why or to correct any policy violation: The only product i had listed was a garlic press in the home and kitchen category. Account suspended Hello, During a recent analysis of your account, we’ve concluded that we are unable to continue supporting your business on our WooPayments service. As such, we are closing your WooPayments account and the associated Stripe Express account as of now. We’re sorry that we cannot continue supporting your business. However, requirements put in place by our financial partners dictate that we must exercise caution about the types of businesses we can work with. For that reason, we have no choice but to discontinue servicing your account. Best,The WooPayments Team This is a terrible user experience when they can just suspend people for no reason, especially when they have not violated any policies or laws. I didn’t have any customers so it’s definitely not due to bad customer service or experience.
13. Juni 2024. 1 reply
In addition to WooPayments being a true ecosystem of secure and efficient payment sources for e-commerce, which are in a constant process of diversification, the people on the support team are absolutely the best there is, both on a technical and human level, where we are always provided with speed and efficiency to all our queries.Best congratulations and always keep it up!
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7.9.1 – 2024-07-11

  • Fix – Fix Documents API regex to allow documents with dashes in name to be viewed.

7.9.0 – 2024-07-10

  • Add – Add a separate transient to save UPE appearance styles for the Add Payment Method standalone page. Correct regression that prevented proper styles calculation in the shortcode checkout.
  • Add – Add Pay for Order support in Express Checkout Elements.
  • Add – Add support for configuring button radius when ECE is enabled
  • Add – Add support for ECE elements on the Shortcode Cart and Checkout pages
  • Add – Add support for the Express Checkout Element on product pages.
  • Add – Add telemetry events from PRBs into ECE.
  • Add – Ensure shoppers can still checkout, even when WooPay is slow or unavailable.
  • Add – feat: tokenized cart PRBs on shortcode cart and checkout behind feature flag.
  • Add – Support style settings for ECE buttons
  • Fix – Clearly display available instant deposit amount on notice and button label on Payment Overview page
  • Fix – Disable Stripe Link in ECE.
  • Fix – Disable WooPay for suspended and rejected accounts.
  • Fix – Display an invalid address error instead of generic one in the checkout form when Afterpay is selected as payment method
  • Fix – Display payment error message in the Payment context with Blocks.
  • Fix – fix: display refund amount w/ tokenized cart PRBs
  • Fix – fix: pricing decimal formatting for tokenized cart
  • Fix – fix: tokenized PRBs payment type
  • Fix – Fixed an error when renewing subscriptions without a billing country
  • Fix – Fix output for compatibility data.
  • Fix – Fix transaction list and document list advanced filter styling issue preventing dates to be input on mobile screens.
  • Fix – Fix WooPay Direct Checkout feature check.
  • Fix – Fix WooPay OTP modal not rendering on the shortcode checkout if BNPL methods are available.
  • Fix – Hide payment methods with domestic transactions restrictions (Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay) when conditions are not met.
  • Fix – Make the search box, and typed search term visible clearly on the ‘Payments > Transactions’ page, when there are too many existing search tags.
  • Fix – Properly wait for tokenized cart data updates before refreshing PRB data.
  • Fix – Retrieve saved tokens only relevant for the specific payment gateway.
  • Update – Deprecate Giropay.
  • Update – Update payment receipt settings to remove mention of the printed receipts.
  • Dev – Add validation for path variables.
  • Dev – Migrate Affirm and Afterpay payment method components to TypeScript.
  • Dev – Prevent infinite loop in usePaymentFailHandler effect
  • Dev – Refactor redirects logic in payments

7.8.1 – 2024-06-25

  • Fix – Fix „Dispute not loaded“ error that was affecting responding to disputes.

7.8.0 – 2024-06-19

  • Add – Add a feedback survey modal upon deactivation.
  • Add – Add new select component to be used for reporting filters, e.g. Payments overview currency select
  • Add – Add payment processing using ECE in the Blocks checkout and cart pages.
  • Add – Add the WooPay Direct Checkout flow to the classic mini cart widget.
  • Add – Add woocommerce-return-previous-exceptions filter
  • Add – Enable adapted extensions compatibility with Direct Checkout.
  • Add – feat: add pay-for-order support w/ tokenized cart PRBs
  • Add – Fix ECE not working without WooPay.
  • Add – Reset notifications about duplicate enabled payment methods when new plugins are enabling them.
  • Fix – Fall back to credit card as default payment method when a payment method is toggled off.
  • Fix – fix: address normalization on checkout for tokenized cart PRBs
  • Fix – fix: itemized totals & pending amount on tokenized cart
  • Fix – fix: Store API tokenized cart payment method title
  • Fix – Fixes some cases where redirects to the onboarding will open in a new tab.
  • Fix – Fix input-specific credit card errors.
  • Fix – Fix Payment method title for PRBs not displaying correctly because of ECE code.
  • Fix – Fix Teams for WooCommerce Memberships on product WooPay Express Checkout Button.
  • Fix – Fix WooPay Direct Checkout feature check.
  • Fix – Improve consistency of Manage button for different WooPayments KYC states
  • Fix – Make it so that the WooPay button is not triggered on Checkout pages when the „Enter“ key is pressed on a keyboard.
  • Fix – Prevent account creation during WooPay preflight request.
  • Update – chore: update incompatibility notice wrapping
  • Update – Declare compatibility with the Cart and Checkout blocks.
  • Update – Improve the transition from the WCPay KYC to the WC Admin Payments Task
  • Update – Update the Payments Overview screen with a new currency selection UI for stores with multiple deposit currencies
  • Update – Use FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL to sanitize email input
  • Dev – Add New_Process_Payment_Exception
  • Dev – Add Order_ID_Mismatch_Exception
  • Dev – Add sh support in pre-push husky script.
  • Dev – Add validation for path variables.
  • Dev – Bump WooCommerce Tested To version to 8.9.2
  • Dev – Bump WooCommerce Tested To version to 8.9.3
  • Dev – chore: EPMs to always send shipping phone
  • Dev – Clean up and refactor some old code which is no longer in use.
  • Dev – Fix PHPStan warnings.
  • Dev – Fix unused parameter phpcs sniffs in checkout classes.
  • Dev – Improve test coverage of upe.js and rename isPaymentMethodRestrictedToLocation to hasPaymentMethodCountryRestrictions
  • Dev – Remove redundant wrapper around method invocation.

7.7.0 – 2024-05-29

  • Add – Add share key query param when sending data to Stripe KYC.
  • Add – Add the WooPay Direct Checkout flow to the blocks mini cart widget.
  • Add – feat: add multi-currency support to Store API.
  • Add – feat: error message on 1M+ amount.
  • Add – feat: tokenized cart PRBs on PDPs via feature flag.
  • Add – Render ECE buttons behind a feature flag.
  • Fix – Charm pricing and rounding options corrected for all currencies that aren’t presented with decimal points.
  • Fix – Fix „Pay for order“ infinite loading when submitting form without payment details.
  • Fix – fix: remove WooPay checkout pages scripts from non-checkout pages.
  • Fix – fix: settings notices consistency.
  • Fix – fix: Store API tokenized cart nonce verification.
  • Fix – Fix a bug in Tracks where shopper events are not fired properly.
  • Fix – Fix ECE error in the blocks checkout when PRBs are disabled.
  • Fix – Fix Payment block render error while editing the block checkout page.
  • Fix – Fix shortcode orders when using WooPay Direct Checkout.
  • Fix – Improve visibility of WooPay button on light and outline button themes.
  • Fix – Updating saved payment method billing address before processing the payment.
  • Update – Do not auto-redirect to WooPay on page load.
  • Update – Pass previous exception with exception.
  • Update – Removed deprecated deposit_status key from account status.
  • Update – Remove public key encryption setting from WooPayments settings.
  • Update – Update XPF currency formatting.
  • Dev – Add command to run QIT PHPStan tests.
  • Dev – Add local release package support for PHPStan.
  • Dev – Bump tested up to version for WP to 6.5 and WC to 8.9.1.
  • Dev – Fix Klarna E2E tests.
  • Dev – Guarantee REST intialization on REST request context (avoiding rest_preload_api_request context).
  • Dev – Upgrade jetpack sync package version.

7.6.0 – 2024-05-08

  • Add – Add additional data to Compatibility service
  • Add – Add User Satisfaction Survey for Payments Overview Widget
  • Add – Detect payment methods enabled by multiple payment gateways.
  • Add – Display BNPL payment method logos on the thank you page.
  • Add – Non user-facing changes. Behind feature flag. Add tooltip messages to tiles within Payment activity widget
  • Add – Not user-facing: hidden behind feature flag. Use Reporting API to fetch and populate data in the Payment Activity widget.
  • Add – Pre check save my info for eligible contries
  • Add – Support for starting auto-renewing subscriptions for In-Person Payments.
  • Fix – Add notice when no rules are enabled in advanced fraud settings
  • Fix – Adjust positioning of BNPL messaging on the classic cart page.
  • Fix – Avoid updating billing details for legacy card objects.
  • Fix – Ensure the WooPay preview in the admin dashboard matches the actual implementation.
  • Fix – fix: BNPL announcement link.
  • Fix – fix: Stripe terms warning at checkout when Link is enabled
  • Fix – Fix issue with transient check related to fraud protection settings.
  • Fix – Fix order notes entry and risk meta box content when a payment is blocked due to AVS checks while the corresponding advanced fraud rule is enabled.
  • Fix – Fix type error for fraud outcome API.
  • Fix – Fix WooPay tracks user ID for logged in users.
  • Fix – Hide Fraud info banner until first transaction happens
  • Fix – Improve merchant session request with preloaded data.
  • Fix – Improve signing of minimum WooPay session data.
  • Fix – Make sure an explicit currency code is present in the cart and checkout blocks when multi-currency is enabled
  • Fix – Prevent Stripe Link from triggering the checkout fields warning
  • Fix – Remove risk review request from the transactions page.
  • Fix – Resolves „Invalid recurring shipping method“ errors when purchasing multiple subscriptions with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Fix – Revert: Add Multi-Currency Support to Page Caching via Cookies.
  • Update – Add source param to onboarding and complete KYC links
  • Update – Add support of a third-party plugin with PRBs into duplicates detection mechanism.
  • Update – Remove feature flag for the pay-for-order flow
  • Dev – Add Playwright e2e test suite ready for incremental migration and visual regression testing
  • Dev – Avoid warnings about fatal error during plugin update due to problems with plugin initialization.
  • Dev – Remove legacy method from WooPay_Utilities.
  • Dev – Remove obsolete docker-compose key version
  • Dev – Upgraded jetpack sync package version.

7.5.3 – 2024-04-22

  • Fix – Fix subscription renewals exceptions
  • Dev – Remove deprecated param from asset data registry interface.

7.5.2 – 2024-04-22

  • Fix – Bugfix for failing subscription renewal payments.
  • Dev – Remove deprecated param from asset data registry interface.

7.5.1 – 2024-04-18

  • Fix – Avoid updating billing details for legacy card objects.
  • Fix – fix: BNPL announcement link.

7.5.0 – 2024-04-17

  • Add – Add a parent wrapper component for Payment Activity widget. This will be visible on the Payments Overview page
  • Add – Add a task on WooCommerce Home page to remind accounts operating in sandbox mode to set up live payments.
  • Add – Add BNPL messaging to cart page.
  • Add – Add BNPL terms to checkout payment methods.
  • Add – Added support to Cartes Bancaires
  • Add – Adding a tracking event for external redirects to finish setup and start receiving deposits.
  • Add – Add Multi-Currency Support to Page Caching via Cookies.
  • Add – Extend ‘skip WooPay’ flag to user session.
  • Add – feat: BNPL April announcement.
  • Add – Improve payment settings UX.
  • Add – Not user-facing: hidden behind feature flag. Add an empty state view for the Payments Activity widget. This is shown when the merchant is yet to have any transactions over WooPayments.
  • Add – Not user facing – Changes are behind a feature flag. Adds the basic UI scaffold for the Payments Activity widget.
  • Add – Prepopulate Vertical selection in the onboarding form based on Woo Core selection.
  • Fix – Add an instructive error message when customer tries to use 2 different currencies for Stripe Billing subscriptions.
  • Fix – Address PHPCS reports in checkout classes.
  • Fix – Adds a check to see if the session exists before calling get()
  • Fix – Change IP country rule after country settings are changed in WC settings page
  • Fix – Defensive check for cart block PMME which hasn’t yet been deployed.
  • Fix – Don’t register WooPay Order Webhook if account is rejected.
  • Fix – Don’t register WooPay Order Webhook if account is under review.
  • Fix – Ensure „Proceed to checkout“ button’s loading spinner doesn’t affect button spacing when Direct Checkout is enabled.
  • Fix – Ensure that the currency configurations are set correctly when multi-currency is enabled.
  • Fix – Ensure we avoid an infinite recursive call stack through ‘wc_get_price_decimal_separator’ filter.
  • Fix – fix: error message on 402 status code
  • Fix – Fix an incorrect warning about Puerto Rico being unsupported by WooPayments
  • Fix – Fix collision between WooPayments header and Woo Express survey banner.
  • Fix – Fix Decline button state for Accept loading on ToS modal
  • Fix – Fixed Afterpay logo size on settings page
  • Fix – Fixed billing address error for subscription without some billing details
  • Fix – Fixed optional billing field validation
  • Fix – Fix Fatal Error showing when connect to Jetpack on localhost
  • Fix – Fix JS error when clicking GPay button on blocks checkout with subscription (w/sign up fee) in cart.
  • Fix – Fix payment icons on connect page (Klarna, Afterpay)
  • Fix – Hide account tools finish setup button for accounts completed the KYC and change it’s link to Stripe KYC instead of the Stripe Express.
  • Fix – Remove extra WooPay icon on connect page
  • Fix – Remove incorrect „UTC“ label from the time column of Transactions page
  • Fix – Remove redundant message after the account is onboarded
  • Fix – Resolves „Invalid recurring shipping method“ errors when purchasing multiple subscriptions with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Fix – Sync discount brakedown with how server processes it
  • Update – Adding a tracking event for external redirects to update account details, more consistent behaviour for redirects.
  • Update – Cleanup unused payment confirmation code.
  • Update – Reduce the visual footprint of the sandbox mode notice.
  • Update – Remove @wordpress/data dependency in the email input iframe file
  • Update – Remove ToS acceptance copy from all entrypoints in MOX
  • Update – Remove unwanted css overrides on the Payment activity widget wrapper
  • Update – Replace deprecated filter.
  • Update – Update Discover and Diners logos
  • Update – Updated Link by Stripe logo
  • Update – Update links across the plugin from woo.com to woocommerce.com (previous platform HQ URL).
  • Update – Update MOX cancellation to consistently redirect back to the payment connect page.
  • Dev – Address update PHPCS error – a single one recommending escaping an exception message
  • Dev – Add TypeScript development guidelines
  • Dev – Add VariableAnalysis sniffs for better ergonomics around unused and undefined variables
  • Dev – Changes are not user facing, behind a feature flag. Refactor – tooltip component flattened in place, instead of calling it from a separate file.
  • Dev – Clear WP cache on writes inside Database_Cache
  • Dev – Escaping error logs and ignoring noticese where there are no issues.
  • Dev – Fix e2e tests for BNPL checkout
  • Dev – Fixed phpcs errors
  • Dev – Fixes to comply with updates to PHPCS linter.
  • Dev – Ignore alternative function WordPress PHPCS sniffs in the GH workflows and tests
  • Dev – Increase unit test coverage for WooPay direct checkout flow.
  • Dev – Payments Activity – add scaffolding for Total Payment Volume.
  • Dev – refactor: reduce wp-data dependency on shortcode checkout
  • Dev – Updated PHPCS and sniffs used for static analysis
  • Dev – Updates to remove deprecated function usage in the Jetpack Connection manager. Doesn’t affect functionality.

7.4.0 – 2024-03-27

  • Add – Add account reset for sandboxes
  • Add – Add a loading spinner to the „Proceed to Checkout“ button in shortcode cart.
  • Add – Add data telemetry for the Proceed to Checkout button and the WooPay direct checkout.
  • Add – Added a notice about custom checkout fields conflicting with express checkouut
  • Add – Added a notice to inform the merchant when the payout bank account is in errored state
  • Add – Added a notice to the Deposits Listing screen when deposits are paused
  • Add – Add WooPay direct checkout flow behind a server-side feature flag.
  • Add – Add woopayMinimumSessionData in wcpayConfig when Express Checkout button’s disabled o on car page.
  • Add – Customizing BNPL messaging with Appearance API
  • Add – Handle refunds triggered externally, outside WP Admin
  • Add – Preload WooPay session data for WooPay Direct Checkout flow.
  • Fix – Add empty validation when quering order by meta key and meta value
  • Fix – Add settings object for every gateway
  • Fix – Allow WooPay button preview on settings page
  • Fix – Apply the WooPay Direct Checkout flow only to the „Proceed to Checkout“ button, in cthe classic cart.
  • Fix – Ensure card gateway is not running through the settings migration.
  • Fix – Ensure every gateway has individual settings object.
  • Fix – Ensure WooPay Direct Checkout continues to work as intended when WooPay Express Checkout is disabled on the cart page.
  • Fix – fix: „Add payment method“ page initialization on missing UPE styles
  • Fix – fix: better error message when saved card and amount too large
  • Fix – Fixed a 1px gap on the right side of some payment method icons in transaction details.
  • Fix – Fixed Clearpay aria-label for UK sites
  • Fix – Fixes some instances where Stripe UPE styles add a black background to input fields.
  • Fix – Fix the cursor pointer when hovering over disabled checkboxes in Advanced Settings
  • Fix – Fix WooPay direct checkout eligibility checks.
  • Fix – Hide the option to refund in full from the transaction details menu when a transaction is partially refunded.
  • Fix – Inform hard blocked merchants they’re under review
  • Fix – Load deposit overview only when deposit is present
  • Fix – Move test mode transactions notice to the top of the page.
  • Fix – Order completed and refunded emails are no longer sent when a dispute is closed.
  • Fix – Preventing stock quantity from being reduced twice.
  • Fix – Re-enable Direct-to-Checkout Feature Flag in WooPay OTP Iframe.
  • Fix – strtolower deprecation warning no longer appears on the Order Received and View Order pages when using PHP version 8.1+
  • Fix – Used client side navigation to improve the UX for „View Deposit History“
  • Fix – Uses WCPayAPI to initialise Stripe for BNPL payment element, includes necessary required parameters.
  • Update – Allow WooPay to request full session data from store.
  • Update – Clean up remaining unused code from a past experiment – wcpay_empty_state_preview_mode, done on Deposits list.
  • Update – Make the order note for dispute funds withdrawn event clearly mention that the dispute amount and fee would be deducted from the next deposit.
  • Update – Remove mention of test mode from general settings help text.
  • Update – Updated deposits API documentation to add default_external_accounts element
  • Update – Updates to reduce the amount of steps required during onboarding flow.
  • Update – Update the Payments Connect page design and logic
  • Update – Validate deposit id before sending a request to fetch deposit.
  • Dev – Bump WC tested up to version to 8.7.0 and set Requires Plugins header.
  • Dev – Ensure pre-push hook understands terminal & non-terminal environments
  • Dev – Fix a bug in Tracks where admin events were not recorded properly
  • Dev – Implement a feature flag for the Payment Overview widget.
  • Dev – Minor refactor to disputes utility function inInquiry to make it accept only dispute status as a param, instead of whole dispute object.
  • Dev – refactor: validator package bundle size improvements

7.3.0 – 2024-03-06

  • Add – Added confirmation modals for order status changes with pending authorizations
  • Add – Add migration script to cover situations with Link and WooPay both enabled after plugin update.
  • Add – Add support for bookable products to payment request buttons on product pages.
  • Add – Alert user when they try to leave advanced fraud settings page with unsaved changes
  • Add – E2E tests for card testing prevention measures
  • Add – feat: add UPE appearance filter
  • Add – Handle timeouts in direct to WooPay checkout flow.
  • Fix – Add checks for cart and checkout blocks to enqueue_style call.
  • Fix – Added a small separator line between converted currency and the next line item.
  • Fix – Added support for WooCommerce Deposits when using Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Fix – Adjustments to the wording of confirmation modals on the order and transaction details pages.
  • Fix – Do not open the email input iframe when there is no wcpay as payment method
  • Fix – Do not open the email input iframe without wcpay payment method
  • Fix – Ensure gateways accessibility for use cases which don’t require the gateway to be enabled
  • Fix – Fees are now correctly applied to the Capture amount instead of the Authorize amount.
  • Fix – fix: add confirmation modal when disabling WooPayments from settings page
  • Fix – fix: ensure BNPL enablement is not adding unnecessary currencies
  • Fix – fix: list of payment methods in disable confirmation modal
  • Fix – fix: multi-currency confirmation modal ui
  • Fix – fix: onboarding currency messaging for BNPLs
  • Fix – fix: payment method checkbox loadable state
  • Fix – fix: remove Afterpay EUR currency
  • Fix – Fix a few untranslated phrases in the plugin
  • Fix – Fix currency search input field size and margins in Woo Express.
  • Fix – Fixed billing address line 2 not being updated for saved payment methods
  • Fix – Fixed positioning on buy-now-pay-later Stripe element on product page.
  • Fix – Fixes Stripe appearances API implementation to support dark themes and new elements, includes amends to checkout logos.
  • Fix – Fix fraud prevention token not showing up on site editor checkout page
  • Fix – Fix typo of transaction type „Loan dispersement“ to „Loan disbursement“ on transactions list page.
  • Fix – Make tk_ai cookie usage cache compatible
  • Fix – Only load blocks-checkout.css on single product, cart, and checkout pages.
  • Fix – Rename log file to woopayments
  • Fix – Show an informative tooltip instead of estimating the next deposit date (which can be inaccurate).
  • Fix – Updating saved payment method billing address before processing the payment
  • Update – Add deposit schedule help tooltip to deposits list screen so it’s consistent with Payments Overview.
  • Update – chore: convert payment request CTA to select.
  • Update – chore: remove UPE feedback survey
  • Update – On Payments Overview page, show total balance (pending + available) instead of pending balance.
  • Update – Refactor WooPay First Party Auth and WooPay Direct Checkout to reuse similar functionality.
  • Update – Update status chip to WooCommerce pill for transaction status component.
  • Dev – Add Klarna e2e tests.
  • Dev – Bump WC tested up to version to 8.6.0.
  • Dev – chore: remove BNPL feature flag check
  • Dev – chore: remove unused brandTitles property from PMs
  • Dev – Dev: additional check when pushing to protected branches.
  • Dev – Fire wcpay_disputes_row_action_click for any click to dispute details (not just Respond button).
  • Dev – Remove unused /deposits/overview data-fetching code.
  • Dev – Removing unsupported deposits/overview REST API. deposits/overview-all should be used instead.
  • Dev – Reverts removed REST controller class to prevent error on update from older versions of the plugin.

7.2.0 – 2024-02-14

  • Add – Add compatibility data to onboarding init payload.
  • Add – Add WooPay direct checkout flow behind a feature flag.
  • Add – Apply localization to CSV exports for transactions, deposits, and disputes sent via email.
  • Add – Displaying Clearpay instead of Afterpay for UK based stores
  • Add – Enhance WooPay session validation
  • Add – Filtering APMs by billing country
  • Add – Show a notice to the merchant when the available balance is below the minimum deposit amount.
  • Add – Show charge id on payments details page, so merchants can grab it to fill out the dispute evidence form when needed.
  • Add – Showing „started“ event in transaction timeline
  • Add – Support Stripe Link payments with 3DS cards.
  • Fix – Adjust WordPress locale code to match the languages supported by the server.
  • Fix – Displaying the correct method name in Order Edit page for HPOS
  • Fix – Don’t instantiate Fraud_Prevention_Service in checkout if processing an authorized WooPay request.
  • Fix – fix: help text alignment with Gutenberg plugin enabled
  • Fix – fix: pay-for-order compatibility with other gateways
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where the ‘deposits paused while balance is negative’ notice was erroneously shown after an instant deposit.
  • Fix – Fixes Pay for Order checkout using non-card payment methods.
  • Fix – Fix losing cart contents during the login at checkout.
  • Fix – Merge duplicated Payment Request and WooPay button functionality .
  • Fix – Prevent coupon usage increase in a WooPay preflight check.
  • Fix – Prevent WooPay webhook creation when account is suspended
  • Update – Add source to the onboarding flow page and track it
  • Update – Refactor the WooPay checkout flow UX
  • Update – Some minor update to tracking parameters to pass additional data like Woo store ID.
  • Update – Stop relying on Woo core for loading plugin translations.
  • Dev – Added ENUM class for currency codes
  • Dev – Bump WC tested up to version to 8.5.2.
  • Dev – chore: removed deprecated functions since 5.0.0
  • Dev – chore: remove unused checkout API methods
  • Dev – chore: remove unused gateway class methods
  • Dev – chore: remove unused isOrderPage return value from confirmIntent
  • Dev – chore: update colors on documentation pages
  • Dev – Comment: Bump qit-cli dependency to version 0.4.0.
  • Dev – E2E test – Merchant facing multi-currency on-boarding screen.
  • Dev – Fix for E2E shopper tests around 3DS and UPE settings
  • Dev – Refactoring the tracking logic
  • Dev – Refactor to how tracking events are defined for better readability.
  • Dev – Remove unnecessary tracks events for dispute accept success/error.
  • Dev – Update REST API documentation for deposits endpoints with changes to estimated and instant deposits
  • Dev – Update Tracks conditions

7.1.0 – 2024-01-25

  • Add – Add active plugins array to compatibility data.
  • Add – Add post_types and their counts as an array to compatibility data.
  • Add – Add the active theme name of the blog to the compatibility service
  • Add – Expose the refund transaction ID in WooCommerce Order Refund API
  • Add – Select the proper payment element when using saved Stripe Link tokens or choosing to use Stripe Link for new email.
  • Add – Track filtering interactions on the Transactions page.
  • Fix – Allow subscription purchase via Payment Request when no shipping methods are present.
  • Fix – Allow zero-amount refunds for backwards compatibility with basic payment gateway and to allow re-stock of refunded orders.
  • Fix – Checking if wcpayPaymentRequestPayForOrderParams before using it in Pay for Order page
  • Fix – Checkout error when page URL is too long
  • Fix – Comment: Fix QIT security tests errors.
  • Fix – Fix incorrect test mode notice when left KYC early after going live from builder mode
  • Fix – Fix network error that occurs when viewing an test mode order with test mode disabled, and vice versa.
  • Fix – fix pay-for-order quirks and 3DS behavior
  • Fix – Fix Safe Mode message reversed host
  • Fix – Fix Stripe Link autofill on checkout.
  • Fix – Fix Stripe Link button alignment in the Checkout Block
  • Fix – Hide the transaction details refund menu for ineligble disputed transactions
  • Fix – Improve clarity & readability of disputed order notice (not all text bold).
  • Fix – Prevent possible fatal when using get_edit_post_link filter.
  • Fix – Re-render WooPay button when cart updates, when checkout updates.
  • Fix – Reinstate first deposit waiting period notice in payments overview (fix bug)
  • Fix – Remove unnecessary import statement which leads to a warning when first loaded
  • Fix – Resolved an error that would occur with WC 8.5.0 when editing a subscription customer from the admin dashboard.
  • Fix – Resolved an issue that caused ordering the Admin Subscriptions List Table to not work when HPOS is enabled.
  • Fix – Restock order items when performing full refund from transaction details page
  • Fix – Reverting to manual styling over native WordPress components to fix CSS defects on Analytics page
  • Fix – Send metadata in error message
  • Fix – Show the correct number of days in the new account waiting period notice.
  • Fix – Update WooPay tablet breakpoint.
  • Fix – Verify that order exists before offering „Partial refund“ option on transaction details page.
  • Update – Changed the edit subscription product „Expire after“ (Subscription length) so it more clearly describes when a subscription will automatically stop renewing.
  • Update – Pass currency parameter and not transaction_ids parameter when creating instant deposit.
  • Update – Store balance transaction ID in order metadata.
  • Update – Updated BNPL sorting in settings for consistency with onboarding.
  • Update – Update references to dev mode to use …