This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Watermark WP Image Protect


Watermark WP Image Protect allows you to watermark all the images on your site. Unlike other watermarking techniques and plugins, the original images are unaffected and you do not need to edit or re-upload the images, it is done automatically for you on-the-fly.

Out of the box WP Image Protect has all these capabilities:

  • Apply text watermarks to all of your site in seconds (new and existing uploads)
  • Set the text, font, colour, size and background of the Watermark
  • Specify threshold to apply watermarks (to exclude thumbnails as required)
  • Exclude individual images from Watermarking with the media library
  • Alter, reposition or remove all Watermarks in seconds through your WordPress administration panel
  • View Image Statistics (goto Media > Library)

Please raise any support queries on the support forum.

Add the WP Image Protect Premium Pack for even more powerful features such as:

  • Images as Watermarks
  • Watermark Transparency
  • Hotlink Prevention
  • Supercharged Performance
  • Variable Text Watermarks
  • Additional Fonts
  • Premium Support

Video Demonstration

A short video showing how to get started with Watermark WP Image Protect:

Some of the features included in the premium pack:


  • An overview of WP Image Protect.
  • The settings page for WP Image Protect Lite.
  • A preview of the settings available in WP Image Protect Premium.
  • The WP Image Protect family.
  • The new media statistics for images


  1. Place the ‘wp-image-protect’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install directly from your WordPress administration dashboard with ‘Plugins > Add New’ and searching for WP Image Protect.
  2. Activate WP Image Protect Lite.
  3. Visit ‘Settings > WP Image Protect Settings’ and set how you want your watermarks to appear.
  4. View your site, Watermarks will now be displayed on content.
  5. Adjust the settings as required.


Q. Are the original images affected by the watermarking process?

A. No. One of the primary features of WP Image Protect Premium is that the original image remains unaffected by the watermarking process. The watermarks are only applied as they are viewed on your site.

Q. There are no errors, but Watermarks are not being displayed

A. Ensure the plugin is activated an you have selected the relevant option from Settings > WP Image Protect Settings in your WordPress administration dashboard.

Ensure your permalinks are working correctly, by checking Settings > Permalinks and ensuring an option other than default is selected.

If there are still problems try disabling all other plugins, reverting to the default theme and then re-enabling the plugins one-by-one to identify any conflicting plugins.

Q. My images are not being displayed, even after deactivating the plugin

A. This is a known issue with some configurations. To restore the images goto your WordPress administration panel, click on Settings > Permalinks and press Save.

Q. There is another problem with the plugin

A. Firstly, try de-activating other plugins. If you have tried this and are still having issues please use the contact link (Premium only) or open a ticket on the support forum (Lite only), providing as much detail as possible – the version of WordPress and WP Image Protect you are using and the nature of the problem you are experiencing. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Q. Are my original images affected by Watermarking?

A. No. The technology employed in WP Image Protect means that the Watermark is only displayed when the image is rendered.

Q. How do I specify what images are Watermarked/Excluded from Watermarking?

A. By default, watermarks are applied to all uploaded images above the ‘Watermark only Size’ threshold found on the plugin settings page. This ensures that smaller images such as thumbnails are not watermarked. Additionally, you can exclude individual images from the watermarking process by selecting the relevant image from Media > Library in your WordPress administration console and checking ‘WPIPP Exclude from Watermarking’ checkbox and pressing ‘Update’


12. Maj 2018.
watermark became permanent, even after uninstalling the plugin and trying everything i could think of. i had to delete and reupload the images with a new name to get rid of the watermark. If i used the same name, the watermark reappeared, even on a new upload with the plugin uninstalled. i thank the author for their effort but this plugin should be fixed or removed. beware.
3. Septembar 2016.
On the whole, this is a great little plugin as non-destructive watermarking is what I was looking for in order to watermark certain images on my wife’s blog – see images on I did struggle with it initially trying to figure out why some resized/cropped images couldn’t be excluded but then I figured out the cause of the problem and subsequently a solution: Thanks, 8MediaCentral!
3. Septembar 2016.
I love that this plugin doesn’t watermark the original image, so if you have to revert, you can. Very helpful when testing and configuring. I had a major problem with browser caching (so it was frustrating to test results initially) and was a little confused by the min image size setting (so that took me a couple of test runs). But, now that I’ve figured things out, I am very happy with the Lite version of this plugin. Using along with AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild which gives you a handy Rebuild Thumbnails button in the Media Library for each image, and Regenerate Thumbnails plugin (which I use for regenerating all). Probably don’t need both, but this is what I’ve done so far. I know this plugin is no longer supported, but I wish that you could configure the actual colors used. Black was too black for us…ended up hardcoding the value in the value in wpipp-image-manager.php file.
3. Septembar 2016.
I had transparent pngs in most of my pages. Its all went to black with watermarks. Luckily as site was not lauched yet, I’m able to rework . DONT DOWNLOAD . NEVER !
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Contributors & Developers

“Watermark WP Image Protect” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Checked compatibility with WordPress 4.0 and improved compatibility for servers in debug mode


  • Checked compatibility with latest WordPress version and updated documentation


  • Updated translation files
  • Added support for latest WP version


  • Added image statistics


  • Improved backend interface
  • Updated links and added video


  • Added GD bugfixes
  • Added server debug info
  • Improved WP 3.6 support


  • Added check for permalink settings
  • Extended settings ready for i18n


  • Added additional debugging options


  • Changed core to modular


  • Rewrote core processing to improve compatibly with most other plugins (requires WP 3.4+)
  • Changed some UI aspects
  • Caching no longer necessary and removed – use a dedicated caching plugin instead
  • Variable Text Added
  • Small bug fixes


  • Added fix for WooCommerce 2.0


  • Improved fixes for the contact-form-7 and WordPress SEO plugins


  • Added watermark scaling
  • Now supports the jpeg file extension


  • Added out-the-box support for NextGen gallery
  • Fixed conflict with contact-form-7 plugin


  • Option to over-ride installation check
  • Now possible to manually exclude images from watermarks that have no post ID


  • Various bugfixes, images can now be excluded from watermarking properly through the option in the media gallery
  • Additional advanced options available from plugin settings


  • Made several performance upgrades


  • Added settings link and made installation pathway easier
  • Fixed issue with alpha transparency when loading transparent images
  • Made readme.txt clearer, added screenshots etc.


  • First commit.