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Creating a Google Product Feed in WooCommerce has never been simpler!
Elevate your WooCommerce store’s sales and visibility with WooCommerce Google Feed Manager, the go-to plugin for Google Shopping feeds. Trusted by a diverse community of WooCommerce sellers, our plugin is engineered to make your life easier and your sales higher.

From budding online entrepreneurs to seasoned e-commerce giants, our user base is as extensive as it is varied. Whether you’re selling handcrafted jewelry or managing a multinational electronics storefront, you’re in good company. And we’ve been excelling at this since our inception!

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager Free sets you up with all the essentials to get your Google Shopping feeds up and running. For those who aim to supercharge their feeds, our Pro version unlocks a suite of advanced features and capabilities, ensuring your feeds are optimized to the max.

Google Shopping for everyone, Made by Google Experts

Google Shopping is a powerful platform for online selling, but mastering its intricacies can feel like navigating a labyrinth. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got your back!

Our mission is to make Google Shopping accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a rookie webshop owner or a seasoned e-commerce veteran, our Google Shopping Feed Manager for WooCommerce equips you with the necessary tools to maneuver through the complexities of Google Shopping. We turn these challenges into stepping stones for your online business growth and success.

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What customers say about us

Excellent Plugin / Solid Customer Support!
I’m pleased with this plugin for creating different feeds. I started with the free version that allowed me to create just a feed for Google Shopping. That worked well. Then I needed to create some additional feeds so I purchased the Pro version which I feel was reasonably priced. I did need to turn to support for assistance on different feed issues along the way and in each instance they successfully responded in one business day. Overall, the ‘WooCommerce Google Feed Manager’ plugin is reliable and so is their customer support.


Essential for any e-commerce and outstanding support.
This plugin is really essential for any shop that wants to be reliably listed by Google.
This has become a critical component of my business strategy and when bug appeared after using this plugin smoothly during years, Michel was here and allowed me to keep running my business.

Thanks again for your work!


WHY WooCommerce Google Feed Manager?

Are you grappling with the complexities of managing your WooCommerce product feed for Google Shopping? Are you overwhelmed with the nuances of Google’s latest algorithms and requirements? Do you find yourself constantly updating your product feeds, worried that you’re falling behind in the race?

You’re not alone, and these are the everyday challenges online shop owners face in the digital marketplace.

With WooCommerce Google Feed Manager, you can overcome these obstacles and unlock these unparalleled benefits:

  • Dominate Google Shopping: Outclass your competition with our laser-focused Google Shopping tools. With support exclusively for Google channels, we offer expertise that’s second to none. Claim your rightful spot at the top of Google Shopping search results and watch your sales soar.

  • Google Merchant Specialist. We are a Google Merchant specialist supporting all Google shopping feed destinations:

    • Google Merchant Center primary feed
    • Google Merchant Center Supplemental feed
    • Google Promotions Feed
    • Google Local Inventory feed
    • Google Manufacturer feed
    • Google Dynamic Remarketing feed
    • Google Review feed
  • Simplify Your Feed Management: Say goodbye to the complications of managing multiple product feeds. Our plugin takes care of all the technical aspects, including data optimization and real-time syncing, so you can focus on what you do best—selling products.

  • Elevate Your Product Listings: Benefit from our advanced features like automated feed updates, custom labels, and advanced filtering options. Enable Google to better understand and rank your products, putting you ahead in the marketplace.

  • Optimize Your Marketing Strategy: WooCommerce Google Feed Manager provides in-depth analytics and performance metrics. Harness these powerful insights to refine your product listings, identify top-performing products, and allocate your marketing budget effectively.

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Superior feed quality leads to more accurate product listings, which in turn elevates the shopping experience for your customers. Enjoy lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and ultimately, increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Start dominating Google Shopping today. Your success is our mission, and with WooCommerce Google Feed Manager, you’re always one step ahead.

Unveil Key Features in WooCommerce Google Feed Plugin

Our WooCommerce Google Feed plugin brings a suite of features that make product feed management simple yet powerful. Let’s delve into the details.

Easy and Quick Installation to Get You Started

Setting up our WooCommerce Google Feed plugin is as straightforward as installing any other WordPress plugin. Once installed, our intuitive interface guides you through a quick 3-step feed creation process:
1. Choose your Google feed type
2. Complete category and attribute mapping
3. Generate your feed with a click

Showing All Possible Data in Your Shopping Campaigns

Your shopping campaigns can now be more informative and engaging than ever. We ensure every piece of relevant data about your product makes it to the feed.

Advanced Data Manipulation

Fine-tune your data fields with ease. Our robust features enable advanced data manipulation, offering you a tailored feed that meets your specific business requirements.

Make Use of WordPress Hooks

For the seasoned WordPress user, our plugin allows data manipulation through WordPress hooks. You can hook into WordPress’s core to customize data without any constraints, making the plugin highly extensible.

Adding Missing WooCommerce Data

Never fret about incomplete product data. Our plugin ensures that all requisite WooCommerce data fields are automatically included in your feed.

Only the Products in the Feed That Matter

Prioritize profitability with our advanced filters. Set rules to exclude low-margin or low-stock products, or only include items on sale. Filter using any available WooCommerce and WordPress data sources.

Large Webshops? We Got You Covered

Scalability is no issue. Whether you’re listing 10 products or 10,000, our plugin is optimized to handle feeds of any size, ensuring peak performance.

Powerful Integration of Other Tools

Our plugin seamlessly integrates with various tools and plugins to enhance your workflow:
– WPML (Premium feature)
– Poly Lang (Premium feature)
– TranslatePress (premium feature)
– Yoast primary category feature
– Rankmath SEO primary category feature
– WooCommerce currency switcher
– WooCommerce Brands plugin
– Germanized
– WooCommerce brands
– Yith WooCommerce Brands
– External Images from wpintense.com

Auto-Scheduled Updates to Google Shopping

Say goodbye to manual uploads. Auto-schedule your feeds to update in Google Merchant Center according to your timetable. Effortless and reliable.

Don’t Worry Your Feeds Are Disapproved

Cut down on disapprovals and errors. Our user-friendly interface, pre-populated required attributes, and advanced data manipulation ensure that your feeds meet Google’s stringent requirements.

On Top of the Business

Stay ahead of your competition and enjoy peace of mind with our regular updates and prompt customer support.

Premium Features for Advanced Users

Unlock even more functionalities and advanced settings with our premium features. Tailor your product feeds like never before.

  • All Free features
  • Unlimited Product Feed Generated (Free version limited to 100 products per feed)
  • Advanced product filter
  • Full support WPML
  • Poly Lang Multi language support
  • TranslatePress
  • E-commerce version with Multiple channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, etc

Get our Google Feed Manager or Full Product feed manager – Premium

From within WordPress

Go to Plugins > Add New;
Search for „WooCommerce Google Feed Manager“;
Activate „WooCommerce Google Feed Manager“ from your plugins page.


Upload the wp-product-feed-manager folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
Activate „WooCommerce Google Feed Manager“ from your plugins page.

That’s basically it. You’re ready to create your first feed and start making money.

Take a look at the video. They lead you through the process of creating your first product feed.

Install WooCommerce Google feed manager

How to set up a basic feed


  • Add a new feed
  • Map a category


Why should I go with your plugin?

We are very proud of our WooCommerce Google feed manager and we think it is the most powerful plugin out there built by Product Feed Marketeers, especially for WooCommerce-powered shops. Our plugin will help you to get the most out of your Google shopping account.

The power of the plugin is that you can add the data from your shop to any feed attribute required, recommended, or supported by Google. Next to that, you are able to alter the data from your WordPress WooCommerce database so you can optimize the data you send to Google. We support custom product fields and product variations making our plugin even stand out more from the competition.

While you grow with your webshop you can start working with our Premium plugin for even more powerful features and even more channels to sell your products on.

How does the Google Feed Manager plugin work?

Basically, the plugin will generate an XML product feed valid for the Google product feed guidelines. It will take the data from your WooCommerce-powered online shop and create a valid Google product feed. The plugin will automatically update the feed to reflect the changes of your products so the XML feed will contain the correct product data.

The only thing you have to do is add the XML feed URL to your Merchant Center and start selling in Google.

Any Issues? Start here

Start with the next steps when you have any issues with your installation and plugin.

First make sure you have all your plugins, theme, and wordpress updated to the latest version. Follow WooCommerce requirements as a minimum for the use of our plugin.

PHP 5.6 or greater
MySQL 5.6 or greater
WP Memory limit of 256 MB or higher for larger shops
If you have all of that sorted please follow the next steps before contacting us.

Are you still e0xperiencing issues with our plugin? Follow these steps before contacting us:
1. Check out our Documentation
2. Deactivate and re-activate the plugin, it might solve the issue;
3. In-case de- & reactivating the plugin doesn’t solve the problem, remove the plugin and reinstall it (do not worry, you will not lose your current project settings and product feeds);
4. Still experiencing issues? contact our support


6. Juni 2024. 1 reply
This plugin has powered our Google shopping for many years and is incredibly customisable to produce the feeds we need. Support has always been prompt and helpful.
7. Mart 2024. 1 reply
We have tried and used numerous feed plugins over the yeras to run our feeds and found that WPMarketing Robot is the best performance wise not causing any degradation or performance inssues across our servers on nginx and litespeed. Regularly updated and quite quick and responsive support.
6. Februar 2024. 1 reply
This plugin is really great and the support (Thanks Auke) is reachable very quickly and help resolve issues. You can trust this plugin
2. Februar 2024. 1 reply
Using this plugin for google merch and facebook feed. Works perfectly. I had some small problems, the support responded very quickly and they were very helpful, thanks again. Recommended feed plugin!
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Interested in development?

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2.8.0 – 15/07/2024

  • Fixed an issue where the Google Analytics data on an existing feed would not get the correct default values
  • Fixed an issue with changing the feed name of an existing feed
  • Implemented a correction on the format in which the material and color attributes are placed in an xml feed
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect handling of multiple product_details attributes
  • Fixed an issue where under some conditions a change of a change value would not store correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the target country of an existing feed could not be changed
  • Tested on WooCommerce 9.1.2

2.7.1 – 30/05/2024

  • Fixed an issue where the Edit Feed page would not load and showed an error

2.7.0 – 27/05/2024

  • Tested on WooCommerce 8.9.1
  • Fixed the missing feed item type in the „feed ready“ message
  • Fixed the incorrect feed specifications link when making a new Supplemental feed
  • Improved the Source and Query selectors by implementing the Select2 selector elements
  • Added a progress bar to the Feed Editor form that shows the progress of a feed update
  • Added the option to include Google Analytics data to the product urls in the feed

2.6.0 – 15/04/2024

  • Fixed an issue where the Name and Updated columns in the Feed List would not be sortable when WP was set to another language than English
  • Tested on WordPress 6.5
  • Code cleanup performed
  • Fixed an issue with the „Clear feed process“ button
  • Fixed the line-up of some selectors in the attribute mapping element

2.5.2 – 26/03/2024

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from canceling the Easter Promotion message.

2.5.1 – 21/03/2024

Fixed an issue with a folder name with a capital letter that would cause error messages on surtain systems

2.5.0 – 20/03/2024

  • Fixed a „Creation of dynamic property is deprecated“ error logging message
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the main feed buttons to return to an active state after feed generation of a dynamic remarketing feed
  • Fixed some alignment issues with the attribute mapping table
  • Fixed an issue by which adding a „Fill with a static value“ selection in a „Combine source fields“ would not show up the static value input field
  • Tested on WooCommerce version 8.7.0.

2.4.2 – 01/03/2024

  • Fixed another distribution issue that could cause the Feed Editor page to not load correctly

2.4.1 – 26/02/2024

  • Fixed a distribution issue that could cause a fatal PHP error

2.4.0 – 26/02/2024

  • Mayor update of the front-end. Improved the look and feel of the plugin
  • Added a Support page
  • Extensive code clean up
  • Fixed the error message „Function activate_feed_update_schedules() does not exist“ that could occur if the wppfm_feed_update_schedule schedule would get removed
  • Added the „Product Main Image“ source to the WooCommerce Source list. This source outputs the main image even for product variations
  • Tested on WooCommerce version 8.6.1.

2.3.0 – 22/01/2024

  • Added a link to the feed specifications to the Edit Feed form when starting a new feed
  • Fixed an issue where using a complex filter on an edit value setting would not output the correct value to the feed attribute
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability on the Settings page (thanks Joshua Chan for bringing this up)
  • Tested on WooCommerce version 8.5.1.

2.2.0 – 18/12/2023

  • Added support for the „FOX – Currency Switcher Professional“ plugin (this plugin was previously called the WooCommerce Currency Switcher)
  • Added Google’s Vehicle Ads (supplemental) Feed
  • Added Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (supplemental) Feed
  • Fixed yet another issue with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin support
  • Moved the Clear feed process button two rows up to prevent accidentally pressing the Re-initiate plugin button
  • Further code cleanup
  • Added the product identifiers to the product quick edit form
  • Tested on WooCommerce version 8.4.0.

2.1.1 – 24/11/2023

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a PHP error if a specific field type of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is used.
  • Removed the option to set a Google Merchant Promotions Feed to auto update as that is not necessary for that feed type and it could cause a PHP error

2.1.0 – 20/11/2023

  • Added Google’s Local Product Inventory (supplemental Feed
  • Added a link to the feed specifications in the header of the Edit Feed page
  • Added support for the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin
  • Fixed an issue that would write both an error.log as well as a debug.log file on errors
  • Fixed an issue with including the Select2 library
  • Corrected the product_detail-attribute_value attribute name
  • Added Google’s Local Product (supplemental) Feed
  • Added Google’s Dynamic Remarketing (supplemental) Feed
  • Tested on WooCommerce version 8.3.0.

2.0.0 – 30/10/2023

  • Major code refresh
  • Made improvements to the memory management of a feed process.
  • Added Google’s Product Review Feed
  • Added Google’s Merchant Promotions Feed
  • Added Google’s Buy on Google Feed (feed attributes added to the normal Google Product Feed)
  • Added Google’s Local Product Feed (feed attributes added to the normal Google Product Feed)
  • Further extended the Feed Process logging.
  • Tested on WooCommerce 8.2.
  • Updated the Google channel attributes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the error log to be placed in the wrong folder
  • Added a > symbol to the selectable separator options

1.51.0 – 29/08/2023

  • Further extended the Feed Process logging.
  • Tested on WooCommerce 8.0

1.50.0 – 01/08/2023

  • Added a check that makes sure that no spaces can be used in attribute names for an xml feed. Spaces will be replaced by underscores.
  • Extended the Feed Process logging.
  • Tested on WooCommerce 7.9.

1.49.1 – 24/04/2023

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect path to the review feed files in the cron functions file.

1.49.0 – 17/04/2023

  • Tested compatibility with the WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage update.
  • Fixed an issue where the „View feed“ functions would not work if the user has the „Relative URL“ plugin active.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to make a Feed Backup with an existing backup name, would show an incorrect message.
  • Tested on WooCommerce 7.6.0.

1.48.0 – 07/03/2023

  • Fixed an issue where a feed that was duplicated could not be set to auto update before a screen reset was performed.
  • Added the option to sort the Feed List table items on the Name, Updated and Products columns.
  • Tested on WooCommerce 7.4.1.

1.47.1 – 15/02/2023

  • Fixed an issue with a not correctly minified js file that would cause an error when opening the Edit Feed form.

1.47.0 – 01/02/2023

  • Tested on WooCommerce 7.3.0.
  • Added the code to handle min and max variation prices for non variation products.

1.46.1 – 14/01/2023

  • Fixed an issue where the price could not be filtered on „Sale Price is empty“.