E2Pdf – Export To Pdf Tool for WordPress


E2Pdf is the next generation PDF tool for WordPress.

This plugin includes:

  • a PDF Document Viewer – Allow visitors to view static or dynamic PDF documents in WordPress.
  • a PDF Document Editor – Create/Edit new and existing PDF documents without leaving WordPress.
  • a PDF Forms Editor – Create/Edit new, existing, and auto-generated PDF Forms from the Dashboard.
  • a PDF Data Injector – Merge data from WordPress pages, posts, or web forms into PDF forms.
  • a Generous Affiliate Program – 90-day cookies. 20% commission paid lifetime for all new payments.

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  • Allows users to view and print PDF documents without leaving your site.
  • Preview dynamically created PDF documents prior to downloading, emailing, or purchasing.


  • Create a PDF from a blank document.
  • Upload and edit existing PDF documents.
  • Add/Edit text and images.
  • Auto-generate PDF documents based on a WordPress page or post.


  • Create PDF forms from a blank document.
  • Upload and edit existing PDF documents or forms, no need for third-party software.
  • Auto-generate PDF forms based on a WordPress page, post, or web form.
  • Use actions and conditions to create dynamic PDF documents.

PDF DATA INJECTOR: Remotely Generated¹

  • Map WordPress pages or post to PDF fields.
  • Map web forms to PDF form fields.
  • Map signature² fields to PDF form fields.
  • Map images² to PDF form fields.


  • Send as email attachment.
  • Send a link in email body to download PDF documents and forms.


  • Save form filled PDF documents to static or dynamic folders on your server.



  • Adobe Sign REST API

Terms of Service

By continuing to use our plugin you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Additional Information, Definition and Explaination

¹ Remotely Generated: Due to the complex nature of the PDF file format, dynamic PDF documents are generating remotely with the E2Pdf API at E2Pdf.com.
PRIVACY POLICY: We do not collect or store any web form submitted user private data that is sent to the API.

² Selected extension must include the signature field or image field.

³ Beta Integrations: Extensions that are available in the Release Candidate version.


E2Pdf is the new and highly improved iteration of the Formidable PRO2PDF plugin. Originally designed and coded in 2013 out of a need to print dynamic PDF documents from WordPress forms, PRO2PDF provided the automation necessary for a small insurance broker to produce far more business with the same number of employees.

Today, the E2Pdf plugin and WordPress extension provide the entire WordPress community with a cost free method of creating dynamic PDF documents – without programming or coding – with one simple shortcode. More information can be found at E2Pdf.com


  • Export data to PDF from Admin Panel.
  • Templates list Page.
  • Creating new PDF Template.
  • Editing PDF Template.
  • PDF Template Object properties.
  • Settings Page.


  1. Go to your „Plugins“ -> „Add New“ page in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Search for „E2Pdf“
  3. Click the „Install Now“ button
  4. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu
  5. Create a new Template, activate and use one of the shortcodes available to add PDF to needed page/form and you’re done!


Support for Multisite installation

Yes, plugin supports Network Activation.

I need help with something else

All documentation can be found in the Documentation page of the plugin. If your question is not answered there, please create a new topic in the Help Desk or Contact Us directly.

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


21. Maj 2024. 1 reply
Really well done to the developer/s. They always respond quickly and seem to find a way to solve anything your stuck on. Best support I have ever encountered. Thank you.
6. Septembar 2023. 1 reply
I purchased E2PDF in order to produce (up to) 110 page pdf’s from Formidable Form data. I’d played about with the free version as proof of concept, then purchased the extended plug-in in order to produce multi-page pdf’s based on repeater data from Formidable. I had a couple of issues, but to my delight, having fired off a support request, was promptly supported over several emails. Without this, I wouldn’t have figured out what I was doing wrong. It’s such a great thing to get top notch support with relatively cheap plug-ins. Highly recommended.
28. August 2023. 1 reply
One of the best plugin. The plugin saves my time… I highly recommended this plugin to use.
27. Decembar 2022. 1 reply
I bought the premium version of E2PDF plugin, and it works perfectly for me. I’m using it to create a PDF from a Forminator form for submitting CV application. Great job!
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Contributors & Developers

“E2Pdf – Export To Pdf Tool for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 09 July 2024

  • Improvement: Minor bug fixes


Release Date – 05 July 2024

  • Fix: Conflict with WPForms Multilingual WPML


Release Date – 26 June 2024

  • Add: Support for Signature field for Elementor Forms
  • Improvement: Optimization


Release Date – 20 June 2024

  • Fix: Visual Mapper for Fluent Forms repeater field


Release Date – 18 June 2024

  • Add: ACF shortcodes support for WooCommerce
  • Add: [e2pdf-acf-repeater-index] shortcode
  • Add: Visual Mapper and Auto Sliders support for Forminator Forms
  • Add: [not_in_array], [not_isset], [array_key_not_exists] for [e2pdf-if] shortcode
  • Add: PDFs Cache
  • Add: Image view preload
  • Add: explode_limit for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Fix: Some PDFs fail to upload
  • Fix: WooCommerce „parent“ attribute
  • Fix: Ninja Forms checkbox and radio fields Visual Mapper
  • Fix: WPForms PDF attachments with Optimize Email Sending option
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Fatal Error in some cases
  • Fix: HTML margin-top / margin-bottom fails in some cases
  • Fix: Clear PDFs Cache
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product details when the „order“ attribute is used
  • Fix: Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 Digital Signature support
  • Fix: Elementor Forms Signature Field from dynamic.ooo
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-acf-repeater]
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-for], [e2pdf-if] syntax update for nested shortcodes
  • Improvement: Coping and pasting between E2Pdf Templates
  • Improvement: WooCommerce minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Improvement: Cache, Bulk Export, Visual Mapper for Forminator Forms
  • Improvement: Templates activation process
  • Improvement: pdf.js v4.3.136


Release Date – 15 May 2024

  • Add: User Item for WordPress extension
  • Add: [e2pdf-uid] shortcode
  • Add: [e2pdf-math] shortcode
  • Add: Fill Image for the Image object
  • Add: Border radius for the Image object
  • Add: HTML table cell rotation support
  • Add: Bulk export interval setting
  • Add: Units Label for Graph object
  • Add: „arguments“ support for „E2Pdf“ -> „Export“
  • Add: „truncate“ filter for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Add: Cornerstone Builder by Theme.co compatibility
  • Fix: WPForms Conditional Logic Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Fluent Forms Conditional Logic Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Incorrect fields position in some cases
  • Fix: TranslatePress translation
  • Fix: PHP deprecation notice
  • Fix: [e2pdf-save] fails to work with WooCommerce Additional Mail Content in some cases
  • Fix: [e2pdf-arg] fails to work with [e2pdf-user] shortcodes
  • Fix: [e2pdf-user] dynamic id
  • Fix: Incorrect value when key is empty for [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Fix: Hide Page (If Empty) for the Image object
  • Fix: PDFs do not render in some cases
  • Fix: Images/Signatures do not render in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator Forms Draft Entry checkbox, radio, select
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Protected Files PDFs
  • Fix: Rate Limit Exceeded
  • Fix: Incorrect encoding Fluent Forms
  • Fix: Fluent Forms checkboxes, radios, and selects are not checked in some cases
  • Fix: Formidable Forms protected files
  • Fix: WordPress / WooCommerce shortcodes fail to render as attributes
  • Fix: Bad Request on delete item(s)
  • Fix: HTML render: headers alignment
  • Fix: Left and Top position via Properties
  • Fix: HTML render: align, text-align
  • Improvement: Security
  • Improvement: PDF Render
  • Improvement: Loading pdf.js
  • Improvement: Additional filters
  • Improvement: Backward compatibility
  • Improvement: HTML render: „display“ attribute support
  • Improvement: Minor render improvements
  • Improvement: PDF Image conversion
  • Improvement: Formidable Forms Protected Files
  • Improvement: Simplified [e2pdf-arg] shortcodes support


Release Date – 28 February 2024

  • Add: Contact Form 7 support
  • Add: Elementor Forms support
  • Add: Fluent Forms support
  • Add: Ninja Forms support
  • Add: WPForms support
  • Add: Graph object
  • Add: Global Inline Conditional Logic
  • Add: Global Iteration Logic
  • Add: Bulk export search
  • Add: Relative path support for „pdf“ attribute
  • Add: SVG string support for Image Object
  • Add: fixcapture tag as a block
  • Add: ACF auto Post ID support
  • Add: [e2pdf-acf-repeater] shortcode
  • Add: Gravity Shop Product Configurator compatibility
  • Add: WPNotif Elementor Forms compatibility
  • Add: Images support: webp, bmp, tiff, tif
  • Add: JetEngine Listing Grid shortcode support
  • Add: Support of relative URLs and Images for HTML Worker 2.0
  • Add: CSS complex selectors
  • Add: HTML Worker 2.0
  • Add: HTML support display:none
  • Add: HTML Table Rows fixed width
  • Add: HTML HR support fixed width
  • Add: HTML Image nowrap, textwrap, align, float, width in percents
  • Add: HTML border-left, border-right, border-top, border-bottom
  • Add: HTML border-left-width, border-right-width, border-top-width, border-bottom-width
  • Add: Insert Mapped value directly to position
  • Add: PDF source as Image value
  • Add: Database Optimize action
  • Add: Admin Order List Actions, Admin Order Details settings for WooCommerce
  • Add: „Process Shortcodes“ global action
  • Add: „ucwords“ filter for [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Add: „list-style-type“ support
  • Add: „dynamic“ IDs for [e2pdf-wc-product] and [e2pdf-wc-order] shortcodes
  • Add: „Default Value“ E2Pdf shortcode support for Forminator Forms and Gravity Forms
  • Add: Additional PHP filters
  • Fix: Different domain per language for WPML
  • Fix: Forminator Forms Auto PDF Group Fields
  • Fix: Some Templates fail to load
  • Fix: Incorrect value render in some cases
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Auto PDF
  • Fix: Divi Contact Form Helper 1.6 compatibility
  • Fix: Merged Items for Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Formidable Forms Visual Mapper radio, checkbox
  • Fix: DB update fails in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator Forms labels for radios, selectboxes and checkboxes when is_prevent_store
  • Fix: list-style-image CSS
  • Fix: blockquote HTML
  • Fix: Revisions
  • Fix: Incorrect HTML image size to fit the block
  • Fix: WooCommerce file download compatibility fix with translators
  • Fix: Formidable Forms actions update after item import
  • Fix: Fail to download PDF via Chrome in some cases
  • Fix: Auto Image height correction in case width overflow
  • Fix: Incorrect styles applied in some cases
  • Fix: HTML Table alignment by default
  • Fix: HTML Table align, float, text-align
  • Fix: HTML Table alignment by default
  • Fix: Malformed HTML inserted to the HTML block
  • Fix: Global actions [e2pdf-num] shortcode
  • Fix: Auto PDF Forminator name field
  • Fix: Weglot and TranslatePress PDF URLs
  • Fix: Adobe Sign OAuth 2.0
  • Fix: Copy / Paste elements incorrect size
  • Fix: List element alignment with RTL option
  • Fix: The „multipage“ option prevents HTML block to render
  • Fix: Adobe Sign integration
  • Fix: Radio buttons fail in some PDF Viewers
  • Fix: Gravity Forms fatal error in some cases
  • Fix: Incorrect attributes render in some cases for Gravity Forms
  • Fix: Visual Mapper doesn’t show Formidable Form with limited submissions
  • Fix: High-performance order storage compatibility for WooCommerce
  • Fix: Incorrect Image position upon rotation
  • Fix: Fatal Error while rendering QRCode / Barcode in some cases
  • Fix: HTML images fail to render in some cases
  • Fix: Auto Form for Gravity Forms Radio button
  • Improvement: Load and PDF generation optimization
  • Improvement: UI
  • Improvement: Security
  • Improvement: SVG Images render
  • Improvement: Complex fonts by default
  • Improvement: 3rd party plugins detection
  • Improvement: Forminator Forms Auto PDF
  • Improvement: YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Email
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Improvement: Forminator Forms load optimization
  • Improvement: Image render
  • Imporvement: pdf.js


Release Date – 27 March 2023


Release Date – 08 March 2023


Release Date – 09 June 2021


Release Date – 02 May 2021


Release Date – 24 August 2020


Release Date – 01 May 2020


Release Date – 15 January 2020


Release Date – 07 August 2019


Release Date – 24 June 2019


Release Date – 10 April 2019


Release Date – 23 February 2019


Release Date – 11 February 2019


Release Date – 24 December 2018


Release Date – 02 December 2018


Release Date – 26 October 2018


Release Date – 15 October 2018


Release Date – 20 August 2018

  • Initial Release